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December 29, 2007

Post birthday reflections

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Good day yesterday, officially turned the big 3-6. Tonight my friend is taking me out to dinner in downtown Tokyo. She has been raving about this restaurant for the past couple of months. I am sure it will live up to the hype. On another note, yesterday, I won $10 by going to the gym. If that isn’t a sign of good times ahead…I do not know what is. So, I treated myself to a nice birthday lunch consisting of spaghetti with mushroom and bacon. Yumm…

I made some tax moves earlier in the week. As a single person, I nearly collasped at the amount of taxes I have to pay. At first blush, I have to pay around $10,000 before deductions and paid about $8,000 ytd. I wanted to hedge my bets and made a house payment prior to 1 Jan. I also discovered that my Roth was $182 short from my max. Corrected that. However, the frustrating thing was that Vanguard did not allow me to make an automatic schedule for 2008 yet. :shrug:

Wells sent me a voucher for a free airline trip to Mexico, Hawaii or London, since my HELOC remained at 80%. I’ll take it, but would prefer to have eradicate it completely by selling my house. Hopefully, next year–even though the housing market is getting worse–I will be unload my albatross of a house. On the flip side, I am sooo glad I got rid of my REIT fund that was treating very nicely at the time. At the end of the year, that fund went to -11%. I know I’m investing for long term, but that does not need you are not supposed to be vigilant.

GI Jane


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