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January 11, 2008

Fallen off already

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My pastor recently said that people make half-baked resolutions every year. He was seriously reading my mail. I actually showed up late to church due to my online shopping spree at Anthropologie. The spending did not even stop after brunch, as I returned to update everything: wardrobe, bedding and shoes. In my defense, I was having a closet crisis for the past several months. I literally had no slacks and a couple pairs of shoes. My new job, I am invited to parties and official functions that require nice civilian clothes. In constrast to my old job, where no civilian attire was hardly needed. The final catalyst to change was acquiring a new love interest who I need to impress. His fashion attire far out surpasses mine.

The damage (in the effort of full disclosure):

1st order–Anthropologie: $236 (sale)
2nd order–Garnet Hill: $627
3rd order–Anthropologie: $1,800 (wow)
4th order–Bluefly: $353 (well needed shoes)

Grand total: $3016

Yikes. No buyer’s remorse, just sticker shocked. According to Wikipedia, Anthropologie caters to women in their mid-thirties who make an annual household income of $200,000. The good news is that some of the stuff on my list were out of stock or it would have been bigger. The bad news is that I do not have an annual household income of $200,000.

GI Jane


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