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January 27, 2008

Emotional Bank Account

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I just finished the Stephen Covey workshop on 7 Habits for Effective People. It was very helpful and insightful. Some of the stuff I knew already and some info with an interesting spin. A couple weeks ago, I had a conversation with my sister regarding reciporcity in relationship. Covey describes it as deposits and withdrawals. If someone breaks a promise it usually is a pretty big withdrawal. If a person forgets a birthday, it can be a withdrawal depending on the relationship. Even though I live overseas, it is important to me to recognize birthdays in a timely way. Today, I purchased my parents B-day gifts (they are 3 days apart) a month in advance. The problem lately has been my regular emotional deposits in gifts to myself.

I went an another shopping spree and spent nearly $2,000 in 2 days. It seems like these recent binges are due to depriving myself all year. I simply do not have a lot of stuff. Most of my coat collection is from the year 2001. I bought 2 $100 coats in 2003 and 2007. The catalyst has been my new social life on and off the job. During 2004-2007, I was in an isolated location and with no social life. The big spending sprees during that time was on furnishings (curtains and bedding), car repairs, electronics (new tv, surround sound, camera and printer)and hair products/equipment.

This needs to stop. I removed my AMEX out of my wallet–I couldn’t bring myself to cut it. And more importantly, turned off the Bluefly sale emailings.

baby steps.

GI Jane


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