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January 28, 2008

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

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Self-improvement will be my focus this year. It will not be about getting a husband or continuing bad practices. Actually, I am so proud of quitting smoking as of Aug 07. I am hooked on Nicorette, but it is better than inhaling toxins. Also, I want to pay more attention to detail in my appearance. In the past I used to be sloppy about my nails, hair and clothing. Many women in the military pride themselves in being low-maintenance and unconcerned about feminine accouterments to a point of “butch.” Not me, I embrace my femininity and love it. Actually, I have noticed some pretty well-appointed women who inspired me to pull it all together. Appearance is just one facet of being “that girl.”

The important areas are:


*Enrolled in my second Japanese language course with University of Maryland. It is fast-paced and free(loving that).

*Read at least one non-fiction book per quarter.


*Attend church regularly.

*Study the bible and apply its lessons/guidance.

Financial Acumen

*Continue to save regularly: currently save 17% of my base pay in the Thrift Savings Plan and $416 monthly to a Roth IRA. Would like to incorporate I Bonds to curb my impluses (see recent posts).

*Eliminate $10,500 of student loan debt.

*Sell house this summer (inshallah).


*Get a manicure/pedicure every 2 weeks.

*Update wardrobe (pretty much done with that, hopefully :).

*Continue diligence in hair regimen.


*Network at the club.

*Seek out opportunities to cultivate friendships.


*Continue Zumba workouts twice a week.

*Jog outdoors or on the treadmill once a week.

*Reduce caffeine intake dramatically; drink more water.

*Wean myself off of Nicorette.

GI Jane


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