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February 9, 2008

Grins and giggles

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I went to see Sinbad last night and loved him. Sinbad still is as funny as he was in the 90’s when he did “A Different World.” It was clean and not rowdy, but he did a lot of audience interaction–too much. I wanted to see a lot more of his material versus improvising with audience’s responses. Seemed very “old school,” but I did laugh out loud most of the night. And the best part, it was free.

My not so free plans this week is the Police concert in Tokyo that cost me $150. I am so excited, especially since it is on Valentine’s day. It is a lovely gift I gave to myself. Like Sinbad said last night, “If you want to receive something you like, buy it yourself.” Can the crowd say, “Amen?”

On a completely different tangent, I spoke to my dear Father last night and he was wondering if I mailed his birthday gift. My parents birthdays are three days apart at the end of Feb. They both turn 63 this year, two years away from social security. He said that he wanted a camera phone, so he can take pictures if ever in a car accident. My dad can’t even retrieve his voicemail messages. I told him it was too late, I already mailed it a couple of weeks ago by surface mail which will take 3-4 weeks. Also, the phones here would not work with his provider because the phone companies only take certain phones (which is bulls%^it). Unlike in Japan, where you can use any phone with any provider.

So, I did not get him what he wanted. He then went on to say that his job wants him to retire and how upsetting it was. My father has been at this company for 36 years, but does not have a pension. The company had profit sharing and transitioned into 401K about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, he does not have enough saved to live comfortably and apparently planned on working there until he drops dead. I wish I was independently wealthy and support him in manner he is accustomed to. But for now, he has to settle on the sweat suit I sent him for his B-day.

GI Jane


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