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May 26, 2008

The Working Rich

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Yeah, finally received my stimulus check! I was expecting it to be direct deposit, since I paid the IRS through DD. So, if you did not receive a refund and paid taxes instead, the IRS will mail a check. The money was supposed to be used to pay off my AMEX from the recent Sheila E. concert. Instead, I used my discretionary fund and cash flowed $1000 to the card.

The good news is that my Salliemae balance after 1 Jun will be $6400. I cannot wait to be finished with SM. It really should have been done a long time ago. My recent purchase of Furla handbags, a Gucci wallet and two pairs of shoes do not help matters much. But, I did buy a new book written by Dr. Lois Frankel called Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich–75 Avoidable Mistakes Women Make with Money.

She called, “the working rich,” are people who must work to maintain a certain lifestyle. If the check stops, then they would be in real trouble. I definitely fall in that category, just never heard it called that before. Dr. Frankel also wanted women to max out their 401k plans, like today. The year is half way over and I would need to contribute $1500 in order to be current. I already have enough discretionary income (ref paragraph 1) to have made this happen already. But, I like discretionary income, need a bigger emergency fund, sell my house and be finished with Salliemae before maxing out the TSP.

It will definitely happen in 09.

GI Jane


May 3, 2008

House of cards

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Well, I am getting ready for my Sheila E. concert at the Blue Note. In between listening to Dave Ramsey’s rants against credit cards, some valid and some scare tactic, I decided to check my fico score online. Mainly, because Ramsey is advocating freezing your credit bureau scores for $10 (free in some states) to prevent identify theft and curb increasing debt load. I am not out of control when it comes to credit. You never know when it needs to be pulled for insurance or whatever. Plus, in some jobs where you need a security clearance or even if you apply for a job and they need to pull it, you are stopped in your tracks. So, I think he is getting a little “Rev Wright” on the whole credit issue.

However, I was a victim of identity theft recently and it did give me pause to at least check credit scores in the even that thief managed a hold of my info. I haven’t check them in a couple years, so now it is time. Myfico used to charge $39.95 for all three bureaus and now it is a freaking $47.95.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to report that now I am in the 800 club. Two bureaus had me at 775-788 range and Experian had me at 806. My credit history was not enough for the other two, I have 16 years and they want 19 years for them to award 800. Oh, well…color me happy.

GI Jane

May 1, 2008

Random notes

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Well AMEX cleared the fraudulent charges off of my account. I decided to close it since you cannot simply cancel the card to avoid future charges. I signed up for an AMEX travel card instead of earning pure cash. You earn a point for every dollar spent, points never expire and for every 7,500 points is $100 off any airline, hotel or rental car. Since, I am so cheap when it comes to travel, it should work out.

My house is listed for sale finally. The realtor expects it to be on the market for 6-9 months, so I will suck it up. I want to be done with it forever. The tenants will be out at the end of May, and the upkeep and mortgage will be my burden until it gets sold. Hopefully, it won’t take half a year!

This Saturday, I will see Sheila E. at the Tokyo Blue Note–my childhood idol. I used to love “The Glamorous Life.” I so wanted to be her. Very excited and will take photos. It is a little bit expensive, but you only live once, right?

GI Jane

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