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May 3, 2008

House of cards

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Well, I am getting ready for my Sheila E. concert at the Blue Note. In between listening to Dave Ramsey’s rants against credit cards, some valid and some scare tactic, I decided to check my fico score online. Mainly, because Ramsey is advocating freezing your credit bureau scores for $10 (free in some states) to prevent identify theft and curb increasing debt load. I am not out of control when it comes to credit. You never know when it needs to be pulled for insurance or whatever. Plus, in some jobs where you need a security clearance or even if you apply for a job and they need to pull it, you are stopped in your tracks. So, I think he is getting a little “Rev Wright” on the whole credit issue.

However, I was a victim of identity theft recently and it did give me pause to at least check credit scores in the even that thief managed a hold of my info. I haven’t check them in a couple years, so now it is time. Myfico used to charge $39.95 for all three bureaus and now it is a freaking $47.95.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to report that now I am in the 800 club. Two bureaus had me at 775-788 range and Experian had me at 806. My credit history was not enough for the other two, I have 16 years and they want 19 years for them to award 800. Oh, well…color me happy.

GI Jane


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