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June 18, 2008

A Seller’s hell

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(Apologize for lack of posts…I will be traveling soon and having problems with feeds for several months.)

Anywhoo, my house is still on the market from April to now. I decided to lower the price again. I am anticipating paying about $10k out of pocket for realtor’s fees and taxes. Not a fun place to be at all. I have no equity to speak of and my ARM expires next September. Yuck.

Update on student loans: balance $5400.

Emergency Savings: $6k.

I would love to knock out the SL in one fell swoop. However, I still have a house on the market with anticipated costs to unload. Plus $1,600 of taxes to pay in September. As Dave Ramsey would say, “forget the cheese, let me out of the trap.”

The good news is that I will be heading to school in the states for a month. The bad news it will be a little expensive, even after the per diem. I have a ticket for “In the Heights.” The last show I seen on Broadway was “Chicago” with Bebe Neuwirth in 1998. She was flawless and it was a magical experience. Hopefully, I will be able see the 8th and I production in D.C. at the commandant’s house. So before leaving for the states, I went to an awesome Onsen (Japanese bathhouse) for a scrubbing, massage and soaking. I am so hooked, can’t wait to start that up when I return. It was only $6 for the sauna, salt scrub room and baths. The sauna and salt room even had a TV in it. The Korean scrub and massage was $36 for a half and hour. They also had outdoor baths and a heated slab of stone that had water flowing on it. Also, for $4 you can have a steam/sauna room experience. I am so hooked and it is only 10 min away.

All this to say, when the smoke clears upon my return to Japan in August, I will be able to gain some traction without a lot of financial distractions/upheavals. Just in time for the Onsen.

GI Jane



  1. Hi GI Jane,

    Thanks for checking out my blog πŸ™‚

    You’ll love Hong Kong…especially the food in SoHo and all the shopping! I’ve never seen so many designer labels in my entire life – thank god I left my credit cards at home, lol.

    Best of luck to you with selling your house. It’s a tough market out there…my parents are both realtors and its hitting home pretty hard for them too. It’s a good thing that both my brother and I are now working full-time and can support them if needed.

    Keep the posts coming and enjoy your travels!


    Comment by Saving My Bacon — June 19, 2008 @ 10:14 am

  2. Thanks for your comments! Will keep ya posted. πŸ™‚

    Comment by GI Jane — June 19, 2008 @ 11:41 pm

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