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July 13, 2008

Budget Part II

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I reevaluate my budget every two weeks.

Upcoming Budget:

Salliemae: $500
Current balance is $4951.95

Amex: $1076.81
I plan on clearing this off in a couple of days. This includes the New York trip and spa visit. I tried a body wrap Tuscany treatment. The treatment had me slathered in volcanic mud and rinsed off with a Vichy shower. The Vichy shower was cool. I also had a massage due to my neck killing me for the past couple of weeks. The deep tissue massage was very painful. The spa visit was $240. In Japan, a massage is like $20 without tip, for an hour! The Onsen (spa) with an hour scrub/massage and entrance fee is about $56. Can’t wait to get back.

IRA: $198.41
Emerging Markets, European Stock fund and Bonds (30% of the money)

Auto/house Insurance: $145.59

I may make an extra Salliemae payment of $500 to bring the balance to $4451. My property tax payment of $1,600 is due in August. The good news is that I expect about $1,000 in per diem after I file my travel voucher.

I have one more week of class. I plan on flying to Chicago on Saturday, staying there for 6 days and flying to Japan. I am so not looking forward to the long plane ride. United Airlines suck big time. The lack of leg room was like sitting in a box for 10 hours. I do not know how obese and tall people can deal with that.

Once I make it back, my cash impulses should settle down. Yesterday, I stayed in and did not spend one dime. Today, I plan on going to a birthday party in D.C. for one of my classmates. It should be fun.

GI Jane


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