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August 26, 2008

Money Pit Part I

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Part I:

Background: Since I live overseas, I trusted that my realtor would handle selling my home in this slow market.  Last June-Oct, I tried to sell it, but couldn’t.  I fired that realtor and rented it out through a different realty company.  So, from Oct 07 to May 08, it was rented.  Technically, the house was listed from April-July 31.

In the first week of August, I had been in contact with the realtor about the house.  She assured me they had open houses, but no bites.  The feedback has been that people had their own preferences and it is not because something was wrong with the house.  I then received a letter from another realtor saying that my house listing is expired, and he will be able to get it sold.  I was floored because the realtor told me the day before that it had a showing.  After talking to the realtor who sent me the letter, he decided to check out the house and send me pictures on the condition.  Part II will be what he found. 

In the meantime, here’s what my horoscope said:

Astrologyzone: (Capricorn)  On the following eclipse, August 16, which will be a full moon lunar eclipse, a salary or a personal possession (or group of personal possessions) will become your focus. If you have been negotiating a salary package for a new job, you would likely see the final answer now. If you have put in a claim to an insurance company for money you feel is due you, that final answer from the insurance company would also likely show up now, within days of August 16.

 Near August 16, your financial picture may not be clear because Neptune will be obscuring certain facts. If you need to sell certain expensive goods or services (or a house), the old slogan, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” seems very appropriate here. Do background checks, ask questions, and hold your breath until the deal is done. Facts seem sketchy or fuzzy. If you are suing someone, the facts being presented during the court discovery phase may not be accurate. On a very mundane level, check your credit card and bank statements, for you may find an error.

There is something else happening in the heavens this month, and it could have a bearing on your finances. This will be a very hard aspect operating in the first two weeks, so think of it as a cautionary blinking light.

Mars will oppose Uranus on August 6, which is a powerful meeting of two forces that creates very volatile and unpredictable results. The problem with this aspect is that it has a wide period of influence. You will need to keep watch for possible unexpected problems involving money throughout the first half of August, starting August 1 until August 16.

This aspect tends to strike quickly and without warning – you won’t see any gradual or subtle clues. In fact, you would probably see nothing and then suddenly be faced with an urgent situation (in this case, financial) that needs correction instantly. Or, you may be faced with a person who is confrontational and difficult, who won’t give you your due, even despite a previous agreement promising to do so.

Since I have found that Mars opposed to Uranus can strike within a ten-day period, you will have to hold your breath to see if any unexpected financial news comes up anytime until August 16 (even though this aspect strikes August 6). The good news is Mars will look for hidden problems or weak situations, and if it finds none, then you won’t hear any untoward news. If Mars does, you will either fix things quickly or get this person out of your life, and in either case, you will be left in stronger shape.


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  1. Good luck with the house sale!

    Ignore my picture request on your other post as it looks like you attached your house picture here. It looks like a nice house 🙂

    Comment by Zombie Money — September 1, 2008 @ 10:04 am

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