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September 10, 2008

Spinning out of control

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I had a mock physical fitness test last Thursday. I really did not prepare for it, but the test ended up becoming a rude awakening. My run time increase to 15:37–almost a minute from last time. I always perform badly on the mock tests. But, it was incredibly humid and a tough 15:37, 1.5 mile run. The real moment of truth came when I went for my weigh-in. I had always been tiny all of my life, until this assignment. I was diagnosed with pre-mature ovarian failure in 2000. I take a low dose of Prempro for hot flashes and night sweats. I also retain a lot of water, so it was hard to tell what my real weight was and weight gain is one of the symptoms.

I do not own a scale. So, I never use to obsess about my weight at all.  But, my thighs were always a problem area. Even when I weighed 130-135, the sizes would go up and down depending on the fit. I have a small waist. But would have to go big to get it past my thighs and there would be a gap around
my waist. Therefore, I would usually wear skirts or dresses to fit my shape.

The weigh-in revealed a whopping 168 lbs and I am 66 inches.  I was completely embarrassed and disappointed with myself. I need to lose 33 lbs, stat! My real physical fitness test is Oct. 27. So, my goal is to lose the weight and run better by Oct. I have already started spinning class and working out daily. Military members have awesome benefits that include a gym with free classes. My gym is literally .5 mile away from home and work. It is also renovated with brand new equipment and bikes. I have been working out since last week pretty regularly (before it was only twice a week).

I only took Sunday off and already lost 3 lbs–thirty more to go.

GI Jane


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