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September 15, 2008

New gig

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I have been wanting to teach English here since last year.  The market is cornered by the military wives on base.  I figured many needed or wanted to supplement their household income.  One of those spouses will be moving to Turkey next month.  I told her I would love to teach her three students.  She agreed to introduce me to her students.  The gig is once a week on Mondays from 2000-2100 hrs.  I would have to pick them up at the gate.  Since they love Zumba (which helped me edge out the competition), I have to pick them up at 0830 hrs (at the gate) for class.  She charges pretty cheaply–about $45 an hour for 2-3 students.  They pay once a month.  There may also be an opportunity to pick up another day of teaching for another batch of student in the future.

This comes at a great time since I have to pay electricity/water and mortgage on the house for sale.  I like giving myself an extra little raise to soften my angst with the housing market.  And today’s news of Lehman and Merrill Lynch, isn’t making me feel any better about the economy.  But, all we can do is soldier on, right?  Right.

GI Jane


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