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September 17, 2008

Asset review

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In light of the recent Lehman brothers collapse and pundits saying the market is and bad as the Great Depression, I avoided looking at my mutual funds.  However, after a slight recovery, I decided to tally up the losses.  The losses are about 20% overall.  I have to think long term.  I am buying everything on sale.  I had adjusted my portfolio to include bonds around July of this year.  I was tired of seeing my contributions evaporate for seven months.  Yesterday, my fellow Marine lamented that his IRA lost around $5k.  He was wondering if it was worth stopping his contributions to his IRA.  He said that over 12 years of investing, it was better off putting his money under the mattress.  I told him that the market will recover and hopefully we see the Dow in the  14s again.

My damage for now:

TSP $43,546.64 (better than I thought it would be).  I invest in Common Stock, Small Cap and Intl.

Vanguard IRA $35,754.48.  The funds are: European Stock Index, Short-term Bond Index (no loss, earned about 2% this year) and Emerging Markets Stock Index.  I thought I had 10% in  bonds.  I did at earlier this year.  Now, it is at 30% of my IRA portfolio.

I-Bonds: $1,110.90

Grand total: $80,412.02

On another note, I forgot to delay my automatic Salliemae payment for this month.  The account is now $3227–to include $27 in interest over the couple months of non-payment.  Payment isn’t due until 2010.  The game plan was to hold off and build up reserves for selling my house.  I currently have the realtor’s fee of $7,500.  I need to pony up about $4,000 more to sell that dang thing.  So, now my Salliemae balance will be $2727 after the $500 payment.  It is now corrected to have the payment pulled out in Jan 09.

My sky isn’t falling, yet.

GI Jane


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  1. Count your blessings, GI Jane! You are in your 30s and have a foundation in stocks. I’ve been investing since the early 1980s and have never, ever seen stocks at such bargain prices. Well, I did in 1987 and I kicked myself for years for not doing anything I could to raise money and plunk down in the stock market when the Dow was at 1700. You’ve got 25-30 years to run and investing in stocks will make you a nice nest egg. Your TSP account has rock-bottom expenses and I’d toss as much money as I could stand in there.

    Comment by Dave — October 29, 2008 @ 8:36 am

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