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November 28, 2008

Black Friday

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I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my friends in Japan.  We went to a buffet at a nearby lodge and it was the business.  Everything was seasoned wonderfully.  Great conversation and ambiance.  It could not have gone any better.

I also finished my Xmas shopping. Now, I can relax and not worry about it anymore. I did spend more than planned.
This is what I purchased:
Mom: Marc Jacobs Passport cover for $55 and a Kate Spade makeup case for $45
Dad: Gym clothes $100
Sister: $40 check
Brother: $250 cash (I haven’t mailed it yet)
Friends: $500 (Harajuku perfume, skin care, a tote and soap)
Co-workers: $50
Book club: $50
Me: Juicy couture outfit $160; JC boots $200; Marc Jacobs wallet $90;a Harajuku perfume $45; and a Banana Republic dress $110.

The dress is for our holiday party on the 12th. My birthday is around Xmas (the big 37), so I always manage to find a way to lavish gifts upon myself. Now, with the house out of the way, 2009 is all about knocking off the $11k in debt by the spring. Oh, I paid off my student loans–the last $2500!!! It was a good feeling telling everyone that chapter is closed.

GI Jane


November 16, 2008

Paid in full

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Ahh…so nice it on my balance for the 80/20 mortgage I had.  No more 80/20s.  No more house buying until I am ready to settle down. weekly summary shows:

CHECKING $3,396.77
CREDIT CARD ($5,500 Credit Line) $0.00
CREDIT CARD ($5,500 Credit Line) $0.00
CREDIT CARD ($34,500 Credit Line) -$11,291.49
Total –$7,894.72

The $2500 Salliemae debt is not included in total.  But, it is still nice to see what the balance would look like once paid off.  I also have about $1k in savings bonds left.

GI Jane

November 11, 2008

GI Jane Unleashed

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Today is Veteran’s day.  I would like to thank the military men and women who paid the price with their lives in service to our great nation.  Also, my deep appreciation to my fellow servicemembers for your selfless sacrifices, devotion and excellence.  It is a great feeling to serve something bigger than a corporation or rat race.  What I do in the military is not a “job” or something to pay the bills and slave away the day.  It is to serve in something bigger than myself.  I salute my fellow warriors and soon to be President Obama. 

With that said, I am still on track to pay of my Salliemae loan this month.  The closing is two days aways–and everything is squared away.  The next to the last electric bill was $174.90 and water $82.00.  Not sure how much I will pay on the AMEX bill.  I have to also buy gifts for my sister and childhood friend (a different kind of veteran).  I am grateful for having the funds to weather the current financial crisis our country is in.  When I was a Lt, money was a little tight.  However, I haven’t received money from my parents since Dec 1996.  It is a great feeling to be resourceful enough to get myself out of the tight spots that moving around the world can bring.  No one joins the military for the money, but it always have been just enough to survive and sometimes prosper on.

GI Jane

November 4, 2008

Time to regroup

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November is proving to be an eventful month.  Tomorrow (today in the states) is the election.  Next week I take my physical fitness test and close on the money pit.  I still continue to take spinning and Zumba classes.  But, now I have incorporated Yoga and Pilates.  I love that these awesome classes are free.  The gym is also 5 minutes from my work and dorm.  I also lost 5 lbs since my plan started in September.  Initially, I lost 8 lbs of water weight and gained 5 lbs of muscle.  My digestive system is working better.  I even switched to eating wheat bread and reducing my Coca-cola intake.

The closing caused me to re-prioritize my debt payoff.  In the past, while paying off the $41k in student loans, I thought when sending the final payment it would be a very jubilant feeling.  It would have meant I was debt free except for the rental.  Now,  I have $11,298 in credit card debt due to the stupid house.  Nevertheless, I am happy because it was draining me.  So, I decided to take this course of action:

15 Nov, pay of the Salliemae debt of $2584.19.

My monthly expenses thereafter will be $719.00:

Roth $400

Insurance: approx $65

Cable: $39.95

Club dues: $15

I figure about $1,000 a month for food, entertainment and misc stuff like gifts (it will be slightly less).  I should have about $3600 left (not including the 3.9% raise in 09 wahoo!).  By springtime, I should be in a wonderful place.  Emotionally and financially.

GI Jane

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