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November 4, 2008

Time to regroup

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November is proving to be an eventful month.  Tomorrow (today in the states) is the election.  Next week I take my physical fitness test and close on the money pit.  I still continue to take spinning and Zumba classes.  But, now I have incorporated Yoga and Pilates.  I love that these awesome classes are free.  The gym is also 5 minutes from my work and dorm.  I also lost 5 lbs since my plan started in September.  Initially, I lost 8 lbs of water weight and gained 5 lbs of muscle.  My digestive system is working better.  I even switched to eating wheat bread and reducing my Coca-cola intake.

The closing caused me to re-prioritize my debt payoff.  In the past, while paying off the $41k in student loans, I thought when sending the final payment it would be a very jubilant feeling.  It would have meant I was debt free except for the rental.  Now,  I have $11,298 in credit card debt due to the stupid house.  Nevertheless, I am happy because it was draining me.  So, I decided to take this course of action:

15 Nov, pay of the Salliemae debt of $2584.19.

My monthly expenses thereafter will be $719.00:

Roth $400

Insurance: approx $65

Cable: $39.95

Club dues: $15

I figure about $1,000 a month for food, entertainment and misc stuff like gifts (it will be slightly less).  I should have about $3600 left (not including the 3.9% raise in 09 wahoo!).  By springtime, I should be in a wonderful place.  Emotionally and financially.

GI Jane



  1. Way to go Jane! Congratulations on getting rid of the Money Pit and also on re-engineering your life.

    You’re an inspiration for this retired servicewoman to keep the vision and stick to the plan.

    Comment by Melanie — November 5, 2008 @ 8:19 am

  2. Thank you! You are very sweet.

    Comment by gijanefinances — November 11, 2008 @ 9:47 am

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