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January 20, 2009

Debt free here I come

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Goal #1 accomplished: $1,000 in my emergency fund

Goal 2# reduce credit card debt by $1500: Done–it is now $7100

Next by 20 Feb, Credit Card balance: $4100.

Almost there….

GI Jane


January 8, 2009

Gazelle intensity

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I received my rent for January.   Woo hoo!  I love receiving timely mortgage payments.  I now have $1k left in my account.  The goal is to have a $1k starter emergency fund, according to Dave Ramsey.  So, I am not sure on whether to move $500 into the efund now or wait until the 15th?  Decisions. Decisions.  Or, to throw an extra $500 to AMEX and wait until the 15th to complete my efund?  I think I am leaning on paying the AMEX card.  The sooner it is done the better.  The only big expense I worried about was if my tenant decided to move or be late.  Since that did not happen, I am free to attack the debt.  Plus, I still have a $400 credit on my BR credit card.  With a $500 payment, the balance will be $8598.  Next week,  I will make a $1500 payment bringing it to $7098.  I also discovered that my friend will be visiting me in April.  Time to make it happen in time for my spring deadline in wiping this out.


GI Jane

January 6, 2009

Cash is King!

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I decided to lay off credit for a awhile.  I used to be much better at controlling my shopping and impulses.  I have not added to my AMEX debt apart from the occasional itunes purchases.  Therefore, I paid $801 off on my Visa  and threw $1,000 on the AMEX card.  My refund finally was applied on the BR visa; so now I have a $400 credit.  I also added $500 to my emergency fund.

Budget for the 15th (expecting $3k):


$95 for auto insurance

$39 for internet service

$4.99 for Netflix

$208 for Roth IRA

Total: $346.99

I will pay $1500 to AMEX.  The balance will then be $7598 (without the 3.99% interest).  I may throw $100 at it to bring the balance to $7500.

Move $500 to Emergency savings (I will  have $1k).

I will then have $653.01 left in my checking.


GI Jane

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