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February 13, 2009


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I had an interesting conversation with my mother yesterday.  My mother and brother will be visiting me late Apr and early May.  We picked the worst time of the year for this visit–Golden Week.  Golden week is when the whole of Japan is on holiday.  Even though they are in a recession, it is still expensive.  After I make my $2300 payment to AMEX tomorrow, I would be $2500 away from being debt free.  Not anymore.

The visit will consist of seeing Kyoto, Himeji castle and Beijing, China.  Since moving here in Aug 2007, I left the country once for school during summer 2008.  Now, I will be moving soon, probably in August to Osan, Korea.  Therefore, this may be the best time to get some destinations out of the way before it is too late.  So, I called my mother to tell her that I wanted to book the leg to China.  She said in the end to book all three trips on my credit card.  The China trip alone will cost $4800 for all three.  The Kyoto package will be $1800.

I hate putting so much on my credit, especially one pay check away from being debt free.  My mother will also go on a cruise mid-March and is probably still paying her past trips away.  She has no problem being in debt.  When I told her I didn’t like to put purchases that cannot be paid off right away, she immediately suspected that there was not a high enough limit.  I said, “I have $40,000 in credit lines, it is not about the availability of credit.”  We are on two different planets.  You would think the conversation would be the other way around. 

More to come on how this will factor into my budget.  The good news is that the Japanese part has to be paid in yen and not immediately on a cc.  The bad news is that the exchange rate sucks to high heaven and 91.51 to a US dollar.

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