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March 28, 2009

Woo hoo!

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I cannot believe how long this journey to becoming debt free has been.  I currently have $6767.28 in credit card debt: $5154.98 on Discover and $1612.30 on AMEX.   The AMEX purchases were shoes, dress, an iTouch (for my upcoming trip) and luggage (again, for the upcoming trip) and a lovely Cole Han briefcase for a co-worker’s retirement gift.  I am expecting my account will total $9600 on 1 Apr due to the $3600 refund, $3127 paycheck and remaining funds in checking.  I will then have enough to fund my liquid savings.  The goal is 3-6 months–about $9000-15,000 for my emergency fund.

My brother is causing me a little bit of anxiety because part of the debt is from funding his trip to Japan/China.  We are still waiting on his passport to process before getting a Visa to China.  It is nearly a month away and still no passport.  Even though, we told him to apply in Jan, of course, he waits until Feb.  I will strangle him if he cannot get this together.  I spent $2,000 on him and my mother $1100. Ay  Dios Mio.

GI Jane


March 23, 2009

Approaching the finish line

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I got some awesome news from my accountant.  I will be getting a $3608 refund from the government!  Last year, I paid $194 to the IRS due to incorrect depreciation on my property.  So, now I will be debt free next week.  I have not been debt free since my freshman year college in 1990.  No more student loans, car payments or credit cards!  The only thing left will be my rental at $117,000 that pays for itself.

As of today my debt is:

AMEX $766.08 (recent purchase of a dress, top and shoes from Bluefly)

Discover $5154.96

Current checking balance: $3402 – $1000 (for emergency fund)= $2402

$2402- $39.95 (cable) and $20.00 (offering) = $2342.05

Anticipate about $3100 for my paycheck on 1 Apr.

So, $3608 (tax refund) + $2341 + $3100 (1 Apr paycheck)= $9050.

$9050- $766.08 (AMEX)- $5154.96 (Discover)-$220 (tax prep fee)= $2908.96.

Love it!  Can’t wait to cut up my cards.

GI Jane

March 15, 2009

Just got paid!

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Woo hoo!  My mother’s check arrived and was promptly mailed off.  She actually increased the amount that I asked for to $1700.  Nice. 

So currently I have:

$4741.71 in checking

After bills is will be $4395.99

Subtract $1000 for EF


After the $1700 deposit: $5095.99

I may make a payment of $4k to Discover.  But I want to just look at my balance for a little bit before paying it.

GI Jane

March 12, 2009

Budget Redux

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As of today, I have $1581 in checking.  I decided to keep my $1000 emergency fund in there for the $933.08 rental mortgage payment.  I usually receive the rent around the 7th day.  The mortgage is paid on the 10th automatically.

15 Mar bills:

Cable: $39.95

IRA: $208

Insurance: $97.77

Total: $345.72

I have $7600 on my new Discover card that was transferred from AMEX.  I will pay $2,000 on Friday to Discover leaving a balance of $5600.  I still have not received the $1600 check from my mother.  She is in Florida getting ready to embark on her cruise.  Hopefully, the check is in the mail, but I won’t hold my breath.  After I receive her money, there will be $4,000 left on the card.  It will take two paychecks to get rid of the balance.  So, I should be debt free right before the trip on 26 Apr.  Woohoo!

Now, hopefully my brother will get his passport in the next couple of weeks or he’s dead.

GI Jane

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