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March 23, 2009

Approaching the finish line

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I got some awesome news from my accountant.  I will be getting a $3608 refund from the government!  Last year, I paid $194 to the IRS due to incorrect depreciation on my property.  So, now I will be debt free next week.  I have not been debt free since my freshman year college in 1990.  No more student loans, car payments or credit cards!  The only thing left will be my rental at $117,000 that pays for itself.

As of today my debt is:

AMEX $766.08 (recent purchase of a dress, top and shoes from Bluefly)

Discover $5154.96

Current checking balance: $3402 – $1000 (for emergency fund)= $2402

$2402- $39.95 (cable) and $20.00 (offering) = $2342.05

Anticipate about $3100 for my paycheck on 1 Apr.

So, $3608 (tax refund) + $2341 + $3100 (1 Apr paycheck)= $9050.

$9050- $766.08 (AMEX)- $5154.96 (Discover)-$220 (tax prep fee)= $2908.96.

Love it!  Can’t wait to cut up my cards.

GI Jane


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