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March 28, 2009

Woo hoo!

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I cannot believe how long this journey to becoming debt free has been.  I currently have $6767.28 in credit card debt: $5154.98 on Discover and $1612.30 on AMEX.   The AMEX purchases were shoes, dress, an iTouch (for my upcoming trip) and luggage (again, for the upcoming trip) and a lovely Cole Han briefcase for a co-worker’s retirement gift.  I am expecting my account will total $9600 on 1 Apr due to the $3600 refund, $3127 paycheck and remaining funds in checking.  I will then have enough to fund my liquid savings.  The goal is 3-6 months–about $9000-15,000 for my emergency fund.

My brother is causing me a little bit of anxiety because part of the debt is from funding his trip to Japan/China.  We are still waiting on his passport to process before getting a Visa to China.  It is nearly a month away and still no passport.  Even though, we told him to apply in Jan, of course, he waits until Feb.  I will strangle him if he cannot get this together.  I spent $2,000 on him and my mother $1100. Ay  Dios Mio.

GI Jane


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