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April 17, 2009

Young and Fabulous

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confettiI love Anthropologie.  Just updated my wardrobe this morning with a purchase of the “confetti” dress along with three others and a top.  I do not like the BX selection because if I find something cute, usually most of the women here do.  Also, I can never find my size at the Japanese malls since women here are so tiny.  Anthropologie, according to Wikipedia, gears their wonderful clothing selection to 30+ year old women with an annual income of $200,000.   I do not fall into the latter category.  Nevertheless, I spent $742.90 with this “update.”  I am surprised everything was in stock that I liked.  You would be shocked that they almost always sell out, especially in this economy.

I will be adding a line item for clothes in my budget.  It would be better to figure it out after my vacation and move to Korea.  I think I am good for the next three months in shoes/clothes.

GI Jane


April 16, 2009

No worries

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Today, my AMEX card was compromised…again.  This time for a dating website for $53.  The last time AMEX, did not catch a fraudulent $300 charge and I had to dispute.  They were on top of it for this one.  Now, I get to have another card mailed to me.  It goes to show you, do not use your debit online.

My vacation is almost here.  I am very thankful that my brother finally received his passport.  The only thing left to pay on will be the rooms booked in downtown Tokyo.  It will come to $458 before tax.  Not sure if I want to have my mother pay for her own yet.  She is about $14k in debt and I am not :).  I gave myself a budget of $1k (not including the rooms) for food (to include my brother) and beauty maintenance appointments.  Boy, he is lucky to have me for a sister.  I would be thousands of dollars richer.  The good thing about him is that he does not ask for money.  I do not know if he will be able to scrap together spending money–we will see.

It is also nice to have another paycheck while on vacation.  My May 1 bills:

Roth IRA $208

Cable $39.95

Vonage $324

Dues $15

Total: $586.95

I should have about$5000 in savings (including the $1100 savings bond) mid-May.  All of that and with a vacation to boot.

GI Jane

April 14, 2009

Good times

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Still enjoying debt free status.  I hosted a Sayonara party/bar crawl last Friday for my favorite co-worker.  It was awesome.  I rented a bus for 11.5 hours at $35 an hour.  I had people pay $15 per person to offset the costs.  It was pretty reasonable because if you travel by train to Tokyo and by cab to the three bars we visited the cost would be at least double.  We live about 1.5 hours away from downtown Tokyo and people could drink without needing to find a room or waiting/riding trains.  The trains actually stop running around midnight and not begin again until 0500 hrs.  We arrived home at 0515 hrs.  I still had to pay out-of -pocket about $100.  The good news is that I received a 10% discount because I am a club member. 

Boy, I spent a lot of money on my co-worker who is retiring this week:

$150 for the party bus/meal for his wife

$200 for a Cole Han briefcase

$20 for a Fox news t-shirt (gag gift)

$10 for luncheon

$30 Sayonara doll

They are good people.   I spent every holiday with them while in Japan.  They also experienced an expensive court case involving his stepson that did not end favorably.  A year before, his wife had to endure a cancer scare/treatments.  So, I am glad to have been able to give back–especially without going into debt.  Once of the guests at the party insinuated that I must have a lot of bills to carry on such a lavish lifestyle.  I said, “nope, I do not have bills.  I  do not pay any rent, no car payments or student loans.  All I have are internet and auto insurance,” with a big smile on my face.


GI Jane

April 6, 2009

I am debt free!!!

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Finally.  After many setbacks and spending sprees, the day has finally come.  I made my last payment of $5154.96 to Discover.  I did love seeing the balance sitting in my checking account.  But realized there is no reason to pretend that it is unaccounted for.  I received my iTouch, new luggage and shoes, which ushered in a new chapter of no more debt.  Meaning:

No student loans or

credit cards or

car payments.  Finished.  Done.

No more indentured servitude to things that adorn me or place me from point A to B or made me more well-read/competitive.  I have not been  debt free  since 1991.  Crazy, isn’t it.


GI Jane

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