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April 16, 2009

No worries

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Today, my AMEX card was compromised…again.  This time for a dating website for $53.  The last time AMEX, did not catch a fraudulent $300 charge and I had to dispute.  They were on top of it for this one.  Now, I get to have another card mailed to me.  It goes to show you, do not use your debit online.

My vacation is almost here.  I am very thankful that my brother finally received his passport.  The only thing left to pay on will be the rooms booked in downtown Tokyo.  It will come to $458 before tax.  Not sure if I want to have my mother pay for her own yet.  She is about $14k in debt and I am not :).  I gave myself a budget of $1k (not including the rooms) for food (to include my brother) and beauty maintenance appointments.  Boy, he is lucky to have me for a sister.  I would be thousands of dollars richer.  The good thing about him is that he does not ask for money.  I do not know if he will be able to scrap together spending money–we will see.

It is also nice to have another paycheck while on vacation.  My May 1 bills:

Roth IRA $208

Cable $39.95

Vonage $324

Dues $15

Total: $586.95

I should have about$5000 in savings (including the $1100 savings bond) mid-May.  All of that and with a vacation to boot.

GI Jane


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