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May 10, 2009

Living like a rock star

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Tori gatesJust got back from my awesome vacation.  I felt like I was on the Amazing Race with the amount of cities and sites we visited.  The first night we had dinner at Gompachi in Tokyo.  The next day, we headed to the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto for four days.  In Kyoto, we visited the Gion district, 10,000 Tori gates and several shrines that I am too lazy to look up the names.  The Tori gates were fantastic.  The shrines were very impressive.  Had dinner with a Maiko (apprentice geisha).  We took the fastest bullet train (Nozomi) to Himeji castle.  Took the local train to see the Akashi bridge (largest bridge in the world).  We then flew to Beijing for another 4 days.  There we climbed the Great Wall, walked through the Forbidden city, Tiananmen square, Summer Palace and temples.  I also bought pearls, jade and a silk kimono and silk duvet.  The silk market was hilarious.  The Chinese really know how to sell.  It was fun bargaining and haggling with the salespeople.  I had the best pedicure and foot massage there of my life.  It was life changing.  I had no idea my feet could feel that soft–it felt like it did when I was a teenager.  We stayed at the Westin in Beijing.  A very expensive place.  The Sunday buffet was $58!  It was the bomb, though.  The breakfasts were $38 a meal.  I only had breakfast there and one late night meal.  I spent over $2,000 for food (treated my brother/mother occasionally), massages, facial, hair stylist, goods, taxis, Cirque ticket and shuttles.  We ended the trip in Roppongi, Tokyo by partying at four different clubs.  

The good news is that I still have savings–not much–but at least over $3,000 left after paying for everything.  Now, it is all about preparing for my move to Korea and rebuilding the funds.  I went ahead a paid for a years worth of Vonage.  So, my mid-month bills are:

$208 for IRA

$97.77 for auto insurance

I have about $2400 left in checking and $3141 coming in on Friday.  After paying the mid-month bills, I will have $6100 in savings.  Back in the day, I would have a credit card bill, along with student loans and car payments.  Not anymore. 

It feels good.

GI Jane



  1. Sounds like such a fascinating trip! See what controlling your finances can do… you still have money left over after your trip. :p

    Comment by Money Funk — May 19, 2009 @ 1:16 pm

  2. Yeah, it was awesome. It is a really good feeling having $$ left over. 🙂

    Comment by gijanefinances — May 20, 2009 @ 6:42 am

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