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May 20, 2009

Plastic surgery?

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I checked my FICO score the other day.
Your Equifax FICO® score:
On May 13, 2009

Your Equifax FICO® score is great

Your score is well above the average score of U.S. consumers and clearly demonstrates to lenders that you are an exceptional borrower.

■FICO® Scores range between 300 and 850®
■Higher scores are better scores
■The higher your score, the more favorably lenders look upon you as a credit risk
Your Equifax FICO® score is based on the information in your Equifax credit report. Below are factors in your credit report that are hurting or helping your score:

FICO® score ingredients How you rate

Payment history
Your history of paying bills on time:

Amount of debt
Your total amount of outstanding debt:

Length of credit history
How long you’ve had credit:
Very Good

Amount of new credit
Amount of credit you’ve recently obtained or applied for:

I couldn’t get my Transunion score for some strange reason.  My score used to be in the 800’s.  MYFICO says I have too many credit lines open.  So, I need to close Discover and Banana Republic cards for it to boost up again.  Not like I am shopping for any loans or more credit, but I wanted it to be higher after selling my house/eliminating the student loans.  FICO is all about keeping you in installment debt apparently while telling you too many credit cards are bad.  Discover and BR were supposed to be temporary anyway.  They were just too pretty to cut up–I do not even keep them in my wallet.

GI Jane


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