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May 24, 2009

Budget revisted

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My girlfriend said I looked like a bum on the street while I was returning from working out.  Living below your means apparently is not a good look.  After the drawstring pulled out of  my sweatpants whilst on the treadmill, I decided it was time for an update.  Gym clothes cost me approx $250.  I also revamped my skin regimen for about $300 in Shiseido products (with a lipstick).  I have about $4911 in checking with another $3174 coming in Friday.  My Amex bill hasn’t posted, but it should be around $600.  I also have an upcoming hair appointment on May 30 to correct a relaxer–so with food it should be about $200.


IRA $208

Cable $39.95

 Club dues $15

Amex $600

Hair: $200

Food: $200

Total: $1622.00

Checking as of today:$4911 after subtracting $200 for spending money for the week.  $4711

4711+3174 (upcoming check)=$7885

$7885-$1622=$6263 in savings+$1100 (saving bonds)=$7363 in total emergency fund savings.

The 15 Jun paycheck should have me close to $10k in savings.  I will be TDY to Korea (business trip) from 15-19 Jun.  So, a little per diem will come my way then.

GI Jane


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