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June 21, 2009

Moving on up

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I just got back from Korea. The visit was the best turnover I have ever had. The person that I am replacing next month really ran a good shop. It is the best looking office of my career to date. I have a conference table, flat screen TV, conference phone, cameras etc.. It is bigger than my current boss’s office. Three Korean nationals who will work for me have been there for at least a year. I happened upon a 1 day conference where it was a good chance to meet my counterparts. The day concluded with an on camera interview and a band performance. I also got to meet the big boss. I think I will enjoy working for him.

I had planned to live on base like I did in Japan. I do enjoy walking to the commissary, club, post office and gym. But I also live in a dorm which was fine when I moved here to save money. Since I do not have to worry about selling a house, there is a lot more financial freedom. Plus, the roads are bigger in Korea and they drive on the right side. So, after checking out the housing on base, I looked at off base apartments. I found a brand new “smart apartment” a ten minute drive away from work. The view is spectacular. It has hardwood floors and ceramic tiles. A washroom with a washer and dryer. It will be furnished with a bed, sofa and dining room set. Everything is electronic, even the lock. I can press a button and the door opens automatically. It is like a penthouse apartment. The best part is that the rent matches my overseas housing allowance. I also get a utility and move in allowance.

I am very happy about the move and upgrading my living arrangements. Living on-base in Japan was a good experience and very cost effective. But now I can entertain guests and host parties without being slightly embarrassed. Plus, I plan on buying furniture…already found a cute piece for $240.

This move will really test my saving and spending rates. I may sign up for an additional year. If I do that, the military will pay me $300 a month. The only downside of the move is that I will be leaving someone who became very special in the my last days here. If that develops, I may leave or hopefully have him join me next year. I definitely have the living arrangements to support that. Maybe more to follow on that front.

Sayonara for now,
GI Jane


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