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June 26, 2009

Random update

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My car still has not sold.  I think I am asking for too much.  It would be nice to have it sold in the next two weeks.   I should have posted the car online through an ad service earlier.  This weekend will be shredding and organizing stuff to prepare for the move.  Still need to file my travel voucher from Korea (won’t get any per diem).  I have about $7200 left until next payday.  On track to accumulate about $1ok prior to my move next month.

Projected budget post-move:

$6986 every month. 

Rent/utilities: $1602

Roth: $416

Cable: $60 (may be lower)

Club dues: $15

TSP contribution (19%): $1277

Auto insurance: $150 (estimate)

Phone: $30

Savings: $500

Extra payment on rental: $700

Clothes: $200 (still contemplating this, may just pull it out of cash flow)

When the smoke clears, the budget will still leave $2036 left unaccounted for.  I didn’t put in food and entertainment because it is so variable.  In a spendy month, food/entertainment would be around $1k.  So, realistically I have $1,000 left for savings or whatever.  Once upon a time, it would have gone to student loan repayment, credit cards or auto.  Proof positive that being out of debt = freedom.

GI Jane


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