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September 19, 2009

Some randomness

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I finally cashed out my $553 worth of I-bonds since it isn’t earning any interest.  I wanted to consolidate everything anyway. 

Had to repay $774.58 in overpayment by the government.  When I inquired why this happened, the clerk was wondering if I needed a payment plan?  What!?  No, my dear–I just need to understand what is going on. 

Sent a robe/blanket to my little brother along with $300 for his birthday.  He is working two jobs:  at a stadium and in a warehouse.  I didn’t want to emasculate him by sending $$ throughout the year.  It’s been a good year for him.  I sent him my 2 year old laptop.  I went in half for his trip to China/Japan.  And now birthday gifts worth $400.  I wish I had a big brother like me.  I can appreciate adversity, though.  It builds character.

The Dow finished at 9800…yeah.  Looking back at my posts, I was upset when it slipped to 12000.  You have to have a strong stomach.  Kinda regret moving $15k to bonds, however, now I am buying mutual funds on sale at 9800.

I am going to Hawaii in November for a conference.  Never been to Hawaii, so I want to take some leave in conjunction.  I have been wanting to go for the longest…woohoo!  Plus, I am heading home in December with a free ticket from the government. 

God is good!

GI Jane


September 7, 2009

September Net Worth update

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TSP: $40,944.05

Roth: $37,109.19

ING: $1,951.93

Checking: $10,406.10

I-Bonds: $533.10

Grand total: $90,944.37

September 4, 2009

Savings plan on track

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I now have about $1900 in my ing accounts.  The TSP is still going on strong.  Not as exciting as trying to knock out debt–but rather have it this way than being leveraged.  It is kinda like watching grass grow or trying to grow out my hair.  Of note, I did travel to the DMZ two days ago with some friends.  It was a very interactive tour.  We even got a chance to walk through DMZ tunnel #3.  As a history major and being currently stationed here, the trip really gave me a deep appreciation of the trials and tribulations Korean people  went through.  My friends visiting from Japan also said it put everything in context for them when they hear about Korea while living there. 

The tour was only $33–I would have paid more.

GI Jane

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