GI Jane Finances

September 19, 2009

Some randomness

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I finally cashed out my $553 worth of I-bonds since it isn’t earning any interest.  I wanted to consolidate everything anyway. 

Had to repay $774.58 in overpayment by the government.  When I inquired why this happened, the clerk was wondering if I needed a payment plan?  What!?  No, my dear–I just need to understand what is going on. 

Sent a robe/blanket to my little brother along with $300 for his birthday.  He is working two jobs:  at a stadium and in a warehouse.  I didn’t want to emasculate him by sending $$ throughout the year.  It’s been a good year for him.  I sent him my 2 year old laptop.  I went in half for his trip to China/Japan.  And now birthday gifts worth $400.  I wish I had a big brother like me.  I can appreciate adversity, though.  It builds character.

The Dow finished at 9800…yeah.  Looking back at my posts, I was upset when it slipped to 12000.  You have to have a strong stomach.  Kinda regret moving $15k to bonds, however, now I am buying mutual funds on sale at 9800.

I am going to Hawaii in November for a conference.  Never been to Hawaii, so I want to take some leave in conjunction.  I have been wanting to go for the longest…woohoo!  Plus, I am heading home in December with a free ticket from the government. 

God is good!

GI Jane


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