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October 18, 2009


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I have reached my $100,000 milestone between checking, savings and retirement accounts! I do not have any matching by the government, windfalls or a pot of money from deployments. I am grateful to the most highest.

GI Jane


October 16, 2009

I like late fees

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Finally received my rent for Oct! The tenant went out of town to Thailand for two weeks. His brother was supposed to pay on his behalf, but he left for Dallas. My property manager collected $100 in fees and deposited the rent in my account today. I have my payment set up for automatic payments on the 10th, before it goes late. The tenant is usually on time. But it is nice to have some compensation for the inconvenience.

GI Jane

October 12, 2009

Oct madness

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I just finished hosting a high- level distinguished visitor.  We went to the DMZ (again) and three other bases in four days.  I have one more big event in a couple of weeks, that really needs more working.  Before that, I get the pleasure of taking my physical training test tomorrow.  I haven’t even been on the track where the test will happen. 

I didn’t receive Oct rent yet.  The tenant went out of town to Thailand and his brother did not manage to pay it on his behalf.  Thank heavens for a very healthy size checking account.  I won’t get it until 14 Oct–hopefully my property manager will collect some late fees.  If he doesn’t I guess it will be OK, the tenant has been in the house for years.

I still have to coordinate on my trip to Hawaii in November.  It is so nice to have an office budget!  I plan on taking one of the Korean nationals with me.  I actually have to do a presentation…never done that at a conference before.

Next month, my pay should increase $300 due to  extending a year here in Korea.  One year is too short to really make any changes and learn my job.  Plus, I love my apartment–the quality of life exceeded my expectations.  The country is gorgeous–70% mountainous and so many cool places yet to be discovered.

GI Jane

October 4, 2009

Oct networth

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TSP    $42,741.49

Checking $9,261.29

Roth  $38,396.41

ING  $3754.20

Total:  $94,153.39

The total is after accounting for shopping/gifts/expenses:

Bought some cool Cole Han boots from Bluefly for $253.94–hopefully they will be able to ship it overseas (for some reason I have had a hard time buying boots online).

Updated my wardrobe from my favorite store–Anthropologie to the tune of $721.85

Decided to buy a dolly from Sears (37.49), so I can haul boxes with ease.  They box up everything here when you go shopping, so you can ship it easily back home.  It’s awesome, you do not have to buy boxes and put it together at home.

 Needed some products to battle my annoying facial ingrown hairs from Folica ($66.95).  Hope it works.

Phone bill from LGDacom for $99.61.  It will be $15 lower next month.

Brother’s birthday gift: $300

Flood insurance: $277

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