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December 9, 2009


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It has been awhile since I have posted.  I plan on going home for the holidays in a couple of weeks.  The government is paying for the ticket worth $1424.  I will also use my AMEX points to pay for the rental car.  I also plan on staying with friends and family.  I bought most of the Xmas gifts.  Already mailed my Xmas cards to folks.  The only upcoming expenses will be $85 for a catered holiday party right before I leave.  Gifts for my employees and three civic leaders.  And that is it!

I finally got rid of my tenant and will have a new one beginning 15 Dec.  Since a different agent showed the property, I will not get anything for Dec.  My property manager did increase the rent by $100.  So, I will pocket $147 after paying the PM.  Woohoo!  I started paying an extra $1k a month to the principal.  My goal is to get $115,000 paid off before I retire in seven years.  Still contributing to retirement accounts and saving for a down payment.  I finally got it together and applied for the Homeowner’s Assistance Program to get reimbursed the $17,000  that was gutted out of my bank accounts when I sold my house in 08.  I pray I will see a check in the spring.  If so, I would apply it to the rental mortgage.  Cross your fingers! 

GI Jane


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