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January 24, 2010

AMEX rewards and other things

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I had to wait two weeks in order to use my AMEX reward points.  I decided to redeem $300 travel dollars on the lovely trip to Jamaica for my dad.  I wanted to use it for my trip to Chicago, but the immediate family had other plans (to my chagrin).  I haven’t even put away the $800 towards my house downpayment fund.  I am a little reluctant because I do not like the fund’s performance yet.  Nevetheless, the Jamaica trip should cost me $1300 in the end.  I am also annoyed at how slow the mail has been.  Expecting to see my purchases from the Chicago trip show up in my mailbox.  I mailed it Dec 26th–priority mail!

Still have not told my mother about the trip to Jamaica…dad will just vanish around his b-day (lol).  My family is so dysfunctional.  I was talking to my sister about her spending plan from 2005.  She did not want to hear it at all because of putting her head in the sand.  She completely went backwards before and since her lay off, then remployment.  One would think that being laid off should have been a wake-up call, especially running through her meager retirment account of $3,000.   No, ma’am.  No, sir.

Speaking of which my checking will take a beating from the Jamaica and Chicago trips:

AMEX: $1675.12 (include $100 donation to the Haiti relief fund, BTW tax deductible for 2009)

Checking: $7459 after AMEX payment will be $5784 (ouch).

1 Feb balance will be $9184

I have paid my rent and utilities already.  1 Feb bill will be $2,000 housepayment; then renter will pay $1100.  So, after the smoke clears, I should have $8284 left in checking.    I need to put $1600 in my house downpayment away and $208 in the Roth.  When that happens, the account should be around $6476.

15 Feb bills:

$1,000 in savings

$1300 for rent/utilities

$119 for auto/home insurance

$208 Roth

I should have $773 left.  Once I decide what fund to put my house downpayment in, I will schedule $800 on the 1st every month.  BTW, I realized that I contributed $208 extra in the Roth for 2009.  It is so weird to have that happen again.  My investment company needs to have a way to reject overpayments.  The balance in Dec showed that I was under $208 for 2009.  Jeez louise.

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