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March 28, 2010

The Politician

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I devoured the book The Politician by Andrew Young.  There were a couple of misspellings, I guess in a rush to publish.  Andrew took his time telling how he became John Edward’s staffer.  We do not get to Rielle until half way into the book.  John Edwards was a successful trial lawyer who became North Carolina’s senator, then ran for president two times and John Kerry’s running mate in  04.  I was devastated when John Kerry/John Edwards lost.  It was the first time I had ever voted.  I remember trying to swallow the defeat in front of my cadets who were enthusiastically Republicans.  So, I was very much an Edwards fan.  According to the book, both Kerry and Edwards hated each other.  But Edwards proved to be such a fundraiser and appealed to the southern states.  In 2008, with Obama and Clinton–I first went with Clinton and then soon attached myself to Obama.  Edwards also got rid of David Axelrod…idiot!

Now, we get to Rielle who Edwards met in 2006 outside of the Regency hotel.  Rielle was unemployed and living at a friend’s house for free.  Prior to that, she was living in a car.  It turns out she is the daughter of a successful lawyer who turned into a fraudster by killing prize horses for insurance money.  Her dad even killed her prized horse Henry the Hawker.  Rielle’s crazy days in her twenties inspired a character of a book (which I also ordered).  This is the woman the John Edwards took up with prior to and during his run for presidency.  She sleeps with him the first night.  Andrew portrays her as constantly pumping up Edwards already large ego with “it is good to be king.”  Andrew helps Edwards carry out the affair until it imploded with the National Enquirer stories.

Andrew is not a very sympathic character.  Other staffers came and went.  I agree with Rielle’s assessment from the GQ article of Andrew.  Andrew was in love with Edwards.  Cheri, Andrew’s wife, is a complete angel for not divorcing him.  Andrew does not say how much he was getting paid, but he pretty much sold his soul to Edwards.  It is estimated that he received about $700,000 of Bunny Mellon’s money (donor to the campaign) in covering up the affair.  Edwards kept him on his payroll for ten years. I am sure Elizabeth Edwards was a shrill, but he ingratiated himself onto John from the very start.  In the end, Andrew writes the book because he needs money.  Andrew was still trying to set up a poverty fund with Bunny’s money as a job for himself in return for covering up the affair.  I do not sense any deep reflection on his part except for his dad’s fall from grace as a highly respected preacher.  The book was like a John Grisham tale. I am surprised no one died as part of the many political schemes.  It is still not over.  We will see if John Edwards gets indicted and what will happen with the sex tape.

GI Jane


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