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May 19, 2010

Ipad review

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I now have had my Ipad for about two weeks.  My first complaint even before I received the Ipad is the shipping.  Apple refuses to ship to APO boxes.  APO is used for military shipping overseas.  It is great because we get a U.S. zip code.  So, I decided to use an APO shipping service that Apple endorses.  I ordered the Ipad with 5 accessories.  Instead of Apple bundling all accessories together, they shipped each one by one.  The APO service in turn shipped each one by one.  Therefore, I paid about $120 in shipping alone before even receiving the Ipad which was not available until the last week of April.

Now onto the Ipad, it does not do flash or have a USB port.  I do not care about the USB port since anything I plug into a laptop is an Apple product.  Since I am a non-techie, I did not realize that 75% of video products use flash.  Apple decided to go against Adobe and not have their mobile products compatible with flash.  People complained about it being a big Itouch.  I wanted a bigger Itouch, so that was not an issue.  This flash business is a big issue.  Nevertheless, I hoped it was going to replace my laptop for web surfing.  I was wrong.  The only thing that I was right about it was that it is lighter and nicer to travel with than the laptop.  Being overseas limits what I can do on it.  I downloaded the ap which looked really neat.  But I cannot watch anything on it because I am overseas.

Well, that is my review…lesson learned on buying hyped computer equipment while living overseas.

GI Jane


May 18, 2010

Kicked in the behind

Boy, Tae Kwan Do is kicking my ass!  I should be svelte and rock hard in no time.  Martial arts is the best kept secret in getting in shape. I was drenched with sweat.  I am also taking Zocor to reduce my cholesterol level.  I’ve been experiencing shortness of breath for a while, so I started taking Ferrous Sulfate.  I’ve always been severely anemic.  It is amazing that my body has endured so much especially with having sickle cell trait.  There have been cases where people with the trait died after a 1.5 or 2 mile run.

Speaking of health, a friend of mine has been diagnosed with MS and will be medically retired.  He has like four or five children and a spouse.  So he put the call out looking for a job to supplement his income.  I told him about a historian job that only requires 18 hours of history.  I wish I was retiring this year so I could take it myself.  It is a GS-12 position (equivalent of a major); a very low-key job.  No operational exercises, a parking spot and office hours.  I always wondered how some people when they retire end up with civilian jobs immediately earning military retirement pay and a nice salary seamlessly.  Now I know how that could happen.  When I retire and such a job like that materializes, I will go for it. 

I hope my friend takes the job.  Trust me, I would.

GI Jane

May 16, 2010

Be very afraid

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Hooah Air Force!  I just saw Iron Man 2 and really enjoyed it. *spoiler alert.*  Even though the AF backed evil Hammer industries, it still had a good AF message.  There hasn’t been a worthwhile AF recruiting flick since Top Gun, which actually depicted Navy flyboys, Ironman and Transformers.  The irony is that we are currently going through force shaping again.  The AF did a reduction in force in 2005.  Our economy does not encourage enough people to leave on their own apparently.

I started Tae Kwon Do last Monday.  I got confused and thought I only had to go once a week.  It turns out I have to go 3 times a week.  Gotta love the language barrier.  My first class scared the hell out of me.  I haven’t worked out so hard…an hour and 45 minutes of anaerobic/aerobic…in years.  I have taken Zumba, Pilates and Yoga–this by far is very tough.  Yoga was hard, but in a different way.  I should be bikini suit ready and a warrior in no time.  In taking this class, I really think I will be able to get 100 points for my next physical fitness class.  I’m stoked, but afraid :).  This $80 per month will be money well spent.

GI Jane Finances

May 9, 2010

Random thoughts

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I paid down $6000 on my mortgage since Jan.  However, my property manager thinks we will need to replace the outside unit after adding freon.  So, I will probably not see rent once he decides to do the work.  Adding freon cost me $105 for the month of May.  I look forward to the day when I will pocket all of the rent and not send it to Countrywide.

Very excited about my friend visiting me in two weeks.  Plan on taking her to the Seoul tower, Han river, Mt Surak or Busan.  She will be unemployed soon, so need to be economical.  Her husband found a house which they just purchased for an undisclosed amount.  Therefore, her budget is slightly tight…did want to stay at the Park Hyatt in Seoul–will see about that.

My other girlfriend will be giving birth in the next two weeks in Chicago.  This is her fourth attempted pregnancy.  I believe that this one will finally fulfill her dream of being a mother.  If I get selected next month, I wanted to plan a promotion selection party in Chicago (where I am from). But, I do not want to jinx planning something that has not been announced yet.  My major pin-on party was such a success in 2004.  It would be awesome to celebrate her new baby and my promotion all in one visit to Chicago.  Competition is so tough–I have been critiquing my promotion recommendation form over the past two weeks.  I wish a couple of things were included in it…understood at the time why my leadership chose some verbiage over others.  The general told me I was competitive.  It was so nice to have a meeting with the general to explain what he thought and how I would fare.  I did not have that when I went before the major’s board–which completely sucked.  Even though the major selection rate is about 95% overall, there were some horror stories of people being passed over for inexplicable reasons. I had a very close friend who was passed over for Lt Col and then selected the second time.  The rate of being picked up the second time is like 3%.  In her first board her Defense Meritorious Service Medal was missing.  The board also said she completed her Air Command and Staff College a year later than her peers.  They also said she was not stratified enough and lacked breadth of experience.  The board spends about 2 mins evaluating your whole career.  So, your promotion recommendation form and career summary need to stand-out.  More time is spent on records that may require a closer look.  But, what I was told that all records begin to look the same after a while.  So, if your boss is a poor writer and records omitted…it can spell disaster.

I also scored an 89.50 out of 100 on my physical fitness test.  My run time was 13.45 for the 1.5 mile run. I shaved off 10 seconds since the test in Oct last year.  If I had done two more pushups, I would have had a 90.  It was hard preparing for it.  I had a Unit Compliance Inspection, a major exercise and a big civic leader tour leading up to it.  Still happy about reducing my run time.  I would love to get in the 12 minute zone.  Need to work on that further and pushups.

Anyway, I have to get ready for church. 


GI Jane

May 7, 2010

Networth update for May

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My networth went slightly down this month:

Rental: $108,740.67

Retirement: $101,510.66

Cash: $21,427

I purchased an Ipad and an Asian screen over the past several weeks.  My spending has been out of control lately…time to cut back again.  I have a friend who will visit me at the end of the month.  Not sure what I am going to do for summer travel since I cancelled my trip to Phucket, Thailand.  I decided to buckle down and study Hangul.  Which leads me to come up with summer goals:

1. Study Hangul

2. Take Tae Kwon Do

3. Teach Financial Peace University

I am looking forward to the summer…especially with my promotion results coming out next month.  I have also read two books so far: The Politician and The Story of My Life.  I am currently reading Oprah by Kitty Kelley…a very interesting read.  Well, time to get ready for work.


GI Jane

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