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May 9, 2010

Random thoughts

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I paid down $6000 on my mortgage since Jan.  However, my property manager thinks we will need to replace the outside unit after adding freon.  So, I will probably not see rent once he decides to do the work.  Adding freon cost me $105 for the month of May.  I look forward to the day when I will pocket all of the rent and not send it to Countrywide.

Very excited about my friend visiting me in two weeks.  Plan on taking her to the Seoul tower, Han river, Mt Surak or Busan.  She will be unemployed soon, so need to be economical.  Her husband found a house which they just purchased for an undisclosed amount.  Therefore, her budget is slightly tight…did want to stay at the Park Hyatt in Seoul–will see about that.

My other girlfriend will be giving birth in the next two weeks in Chicago.  This is her fourth attempted pregnancy.  I believe that this one will finally fulfill her dream of being a mother.  If I get selected next month, I wanted to plan a promotion selection party in Chicago (where I am from). But, I do not want to jinx planning something that has not been announced yet.  My major pin-on party was such a success in 2004.  It would be awesome to celebrate her new baby and my promotion all in one visit to Chicago.  Competition is so tough–I have been critiquing my promotion recommendation form over the past two weeks.  I wish a couple of things were included in it…understood at the time why my leadership chose some verbiage over others.  The general told me I was competitive.  It was so nice to have a meeting with the general to explain what he thought and how I would fare.  I did not have that when I went before the major’s board–which completely sucked.  Even though the major selection rate is about 95% overall, there were some horror stories of people being passed over for inexplicable reasons. I had a very close friend who was passed over for Lt Col and then selected the second time.  The rate of being picked up the second time is like 3%.  In her first board her Defense Meritorious Service Medal was missing.  The board also said she completed her Air Command and Staff College a year later than her peers.  They also said she was not stratified enough and lacked breadth of experience.  The board spends about 2 mins evaluating your whole career.  So, your promotion recommendation form and career summary need to stand-out.  More time is spent on records that may require a closer look.  But, what I was told that all records begin to look the same after a while.  So, if your boss is a poor writer and records omitted…it can spell disaster.

I also scored an 89.50 out of 100 on my physical fitness test.  My run time was 13.45 for the 1.5 mile run. I shaved off 10 seconds since the test in Oct last year.  If I had done two more pushups, I would have had a 90.  It was hard preparing for it.  I had a Unit Compliance Inspection, a major exercise and a big civic leader tour leading up to it.  Still happy about reducing my run time.  I would love to get in the 12 minute zone.  Need to work on that further and pushups.

Anyway, I have to get ready for church. 


GI Jane


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