GI Jane Finances

May 18, 2010

Kicked in the behind

Boy, Tae Kwan Do is kicking my ass!  I should be svelte and rock hard in no time.  Martial arts is the best kept secret in getting in shape. I was drenched with sweat.  I am also taking Zocor to reduce my cholesterol level.  I’ve been experiencing shortness of breath for a while, so I started taking Ferrous Sulfate.  I’ve always been severely anemic.  It is amazing that my body has endured so much especially with having sickle cell trait.  There have been cases where people with the trait died after a 1.5 or 2 mile run.

Speaking of health, a friend of mine has been diagnosed with MS and will be medically retired.  He has like four or five children and a spouse.  So he put the call out looking for a job to supplement his income.  I told him about a historian job that only requires 18 hours of history.  I wish I was retiring this year so I could take it myself.  It is a GS-12 position (equivalent of a major); a very low-key job.  No operational exercises, a parking spot and office hours.  I always wondered how some people when they retire end up with civilian jobs immediately earning military retirement pay and a nice salary seamlessly.  Now I know how that could happen.  When I retire and such a job like that materializes, I will go for it. 

I hope my friend takes the job.  Trust me, I would.

GI Jane


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