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May 19, 2010

Ipad review

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I now have had my Ipad for about two weeks.  My first complaint even before I received the Ipad is the shipping.  Apple refuses to ship to APO boxes.  APO is used for military shipping overseas.  It is great because we get a U.S. zip code.  So, I decided to use an APO shipping service that Apple endorses.  I ordered the Ipad with 5 accessories.  Instead of Apple bundling all accessories together, they shipped each one by one.  The APO service in turn shipped each one by one.  Therefore, I paid about $120 in shipping alone before even receiving the Ipad which was not available until the last week of April.

Now onto the Ipad, it does not do flash or have a USB port.  I do not care about the USB port since anything I plug into a laptop is an Apple product.  Since I am a non-techie, I did not realize that 75% of video products use flash.  Apple decided to go against Adobe and not have their mobile products compatible with flash.  People complained about it being a big Itouch.  I wanted a bigger Itouch, so that was not an issue.  This flash business is a big issue.  Nevertheless, I hoped it was going to replace my laptop for web surfing.  I was wrong.  The only thing that I was right about it was that it is lighter and nicer to travel with than the laptop.  Being overseas limits what I can do on it.  I downloaded the ap which looked really neat.  But I cannot watch anything on it because I am overseas.

Well, that is my review…lesson learned on buying hyped computer equipment while living overseas.

GI Jane



  1. What sets iPad apart from other mobile book readers is the fact that Apple was able to program into the iPad the ability to vividly capture colorful scenery and stunning lifelike pictures. Books are able to come to life much more effectively than they otherwise would be on other devices. The iPad is also able to support video downloads to go with the book that is being read while also incorporating interactivity between the user and the book. Let’s take a look at some of the best ebook reading applications that are compatible with the iPad.Apple iPads|iPad Tablet|iPad Australia

    Comment by Apple iPads — May 19, 2010 @ 12:00 pm

  2. Thank you for being honest.

    I know everyone is enamoured with the device, but I had a feeling the lack of the USB port, and the Flash incompatibility would be my two biggest pet peeves

    I do agree it has some good merits — easy to use, great for non-techies, secure because you can’t download anything NOT Apple approved, bla bla bla

    But a lot of my surfing and blogging is all non-Apple approved as it uses flash on 90% of the sites I go to (annoying to just see a block waiting there), and I USB things like photos a LOT because I hate storing photos online where they can get lost or be accessed by third parties who hack in or what have you.

    I’m sorry they screwed you on the shipping. Being from Canada, we face similar problems trying to get American products :\ Trust me.. I am no stranger to jacked up shipping prices & strange policies.

    I’m waiting for the HP slate. If I buy a tablet, it’ll be from HP, I think.

    Comment by FB @ — May 22, 2010 @ 3:54 am

    • Wow, the shipping was a rude awakening. Apple does provide an accessory where you can plug in your memory card and download pictures. I heard the the HP tablet is supposed to be pretty good. I’m just tired of HP for now :).

      Comment by gijanefinances — May 22, 2010 @ 10:54 pm

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