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June 27, 2010

Skype rocks and other stuff

My sister finally figured out Skype.  I swear I have the most low-tech family and friends.  When I created my facebook page, hardly anyone I knew had one to link to or communicate on.  I deactivated my facebook account due to some other shenanigans though.  Anyway, we performed our first video call ever…it was so cool.  The call had to be restarted several times due to the audio problems.  My other low-tech girlfriend also got with the program, coincidentally, and wanted to Skype as well.  She got my package for her new baby; so I can get a chance to see the little one by video.  Another friend called me by telephone before flying out to Italy (swoon).  He wanted to see if I got promoted yet. Of course, I do not know yet…had successfully stopped worrying about it.

I rented “Let the Right One In” from Itunes yesterday.  It was really good.  I love the idea of renting/buying movies without leaving my house.  So, brilliant!  You have 30 days to watch the movie and 24 hours after the movie starts.  I also bought “All About Eve.”  The movie reminded me of a cunning/evil woman who I know.

I have several season passes on Bravo’s reality shows: Real Housewives of New York/New Jersey and Bethenny Getting Married?  It is so funny how  many of them are bankrupt or nearly broke.  Being a Bravo reality star only pays about $3,000 a month. It was reported that  Teresa Guidice from New Jersey is $11M in the hole.  The idea of owing that amount actually made me want to vomit.  I thought they were all mafia gangsters anyway.  I remember she supposedly dropped $100k on furniture last season–in cash.  Only drug dealers/mafia/money launderers carry thousands of dollars in cash.  That was the first red flag…not of necessarily debt but of a corrupt lifestyle.  The furniture was for a monster mansion or château they built.  The mansion is completely oversized…the doors, ceilings and etc…Not that I like Danielle, but it is funny how the most judgmental person has the most mess!  That is why I do not like judgmental and gossipy people–complete hypocrites.  Worry about your own house.   The last episode had her throwing a housewarming party.  Again, sickening…she installed a dance floor, fancy lighting and had servants.  It was so over the top.

Need to jump into the shower.




June 20, 2010

Suspenseful Times

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Yuck, the promotion results have been delayed until next month.  I thought I would know by now.  I remember the Air Force delaying my promotion board to major results by about six months.  It was a time when the AF doubled up the boards and my year group was the last one that met a year early.  Since we are going through another round of force shaping, I wonder how that will impact the selection for this board.

Speaking of promotion, I am now a green belt in Tae Kwon Do.  It is hard to juggle class and work three times a week.  My grandmaster likes to move up the students quickly.  I learned forms 1 and 2 along with kicks and self-defense moves.  I am nowhere near proficient.  The black belt students are amazing.  I want to be like them one day.  We have a big exercise in Aug that will derail my classes.  But now I am looking forward to maxing my AF physical fitness test in October.  I scored an 89.50 in April.  Since this class pushes me aerobically, I feel that I will be ready to max the test.  If you score a 90, you only have to take the test once a year instead of twice.  I’m stoked. 

I mailed off some baby clothes and toys to my friend in Chicago.  Hope she likes it…think I went overboard.  Trying to seal the godmother nomination through lots of gifts :).  If appointed, I think I will start buying I-bonds instead and send a toy or something.  I know I would have been blown away if my godmother presented me savings bonds at 18 years old.

My landlord and realtor want to raise the rent to 1.5 million, up to the O-4 cap.  As a landlord myself, I am kind of annoyed by this.  I currently pay 1.25 million (about $1100).  I do not choose what the rent will be according to someone’s cap.  In Korea, Koreans can pay a whole year up front to the landlord and will get it all back at the end of the lease.  I guess the benefit would be that the landlord invests the lump sum for dividends/interest.  Therefore, my landlord already pockets the money month-to-month and doesn’t have to give anything back to me.  Why is she complaining?

Well, I have to orchestrate a big BBQ with our Good Neighbors on Thursday.  They donated $2,000 for us to throw a party and welcome newcomers/farewell people in our headquarters.  I also spent days writing a script for a history video.  Finally, launched the first peninsula wide AF newspaper on Friday.  Lots to do around here…all while being in suspense by the Air Force Personnel Center. 

GI Jane

June 9, 2010

Net worth while living the dream

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Net worth update:

House down payment: $7415

Cash: $13602

Roth: $41721

TSP: $53789

Total: $116,527

Rental mortgage: $107,455 (after paying $1048 extra)

The retirement has gone down a bit to a tune of $5,000.  I recently spent the weekend at the Park Hyatt in Seoul.  I bought two beautiful oak boxes with embroidered panels.  We went to two jazz clubs (Out of the Blue Moon and Soul to God) and the Lotte Amusement park.  I loved the Soul to God jazz club…the musicians totally rocked it.  My friend showed up with no money due to her husband wiping out the account.  Her husband moved to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago and this was the last hurrah prior to joining him.  They also just bought a house.  So we spent the first day going to Western Union trying to get the money he supposedly wired.  When that did not work, she ended up withdrawing from another account.  I still had to lend her about $295.  She has not sent it yet…hopefully will get it soon.

On another note, my other girlfriend successfully had her baby after four trys.  She may appoint me as the godmother–which would be so awesome.  She is sometimes a flake…so I am not embracing that role until it is official.  I do plan on spending the weekend shopping for the baby.

It is kind of a sad time right now because my good friend left yesterday for Italy.  He is so lucky!  I wish I was going to Italy.  He also would brag about how beautiful his wife is.   He did this tour unaccompanied while she stayed in Atlanta for a year.  I finally met her last weekend.  He was correct about her beauty…she was very striking.  He is going to how the beat the Italians away from her.  Hopefully, I will get Germany when the assignments are matched in January.  Anywho, gotta to go to work.

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