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June 9, 2010

Net worth while living the dream

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Net worth update:

House down payment: $7415

Cash: $13602

Roth: $41721

TSP: $53789

Total: $116,527

Rental mortgage: $107,455 (after paying $1048 extra)

The retirement has gone down a bit to a tune of $5,000.  I recently spent the weekend at the Park Hyatt in Seoul.  I bought two beautiful oak boxes with embroidered panels.  We went to two jazz clubs (Out of the Blue Moon and Soul to God) and the Lotte Amusement park.  I loved the Soul to God jazz club…the musicians totally rocked it.  My friend showed up with no money due to her husband wiping out the account.  Her husband moved to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago and this was the last hurrah prior to joining him.  They also just bought a house.  So we spent the first day going to Western Union trying to get the money he supposedly wired.  When that did not work, she ended up withdrawing from another account.  I still had to lend her about $295.  She has not sent it yet…hopefully will get it soon.

On another note, my other girlfriend successfully had her baby after four trys.  She may appoint me as the godmother–which would be so awesome.  She is sometimes a flake…so I am not embracing that role until it is official.  I do plan on spending the weekend shopping for the baby.

It is kind of a sad time right now because my good friend left yesterday for Italy.  He is so lucky!  I wish I was going to Italy.  He also would brag about how beautiful his wife is.   He did this tour unaccompanied while she stayed in Atlanta for a year.  I finally met her last weekend.  He was correct about her beauty…she was very striking.  He is going to how the beat the Italians away from her.  Hopefully, I will get Germany when the assignments are matched in January.  Anywho, gotta to go to work.

GI Jane


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