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June 20, 2010

Suspenseful Times

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Yuck, the promotion results have been delayed until next month.  I thought I would know by now.  I remember the Air Force delaying my promotion board to major results by about six months.  It was a time when the AF doubled up the boards and my year group was the last one that met a year early.  Since we are going through another round of force shaping, I wonder how that will impact the selection for this board.

Speaking of promotion, I am now a green belt in Tae Kwon Do.  It is hard to juggle class and work three times a week.  My grandmaster likes to move up the students quickly.  I learned forms 1 and 2 along with kicks and self-defense moves.  I am nowhere near proficient.  The black belt students are amazing.  I want to be like them one day.  We have a big exercise in Aug that will derail my classes.  But now I am looking forward to maxing my AF physical fitness test in October.  I scored an 89.50 in April.  Since this class pushes me aerobically, I feel that I will be ready to max the test.  If you score a 90, you only have to take the test once a year instead of twice.  I’m stoked. 

I mailed off some baby clothes and toys to my friend in Chicago.  Hope she likes it…think I went overboard.  Trying to seal the godmother nomination through lots of gifts :).  If appointed, I think I will start buying I-bonds instead and send a toy or something.  I know I would have been blown away if my godmother presented me savings bonds at 18 years old.

My landlord and realtor want to raise the rent to 1.5 million, up to the O-4 cap.  As a landlord myself, I am kind of annoyed by this.  I currently pay 1.25 million (about $1100).  I do not choose what the rent will be according to someone’s cap.  In Korea, Koreans can pay a whole year up front to the landlord and will get it all back at the end of the lease.  I guess the benefit would be that the landlord invests the lump sum for dividends/interest.  Therefore, my landlord already pockets the money month-to-month and doesn’t have to give anything back to me.  Why is she complaining?

Well, I have to orchestrate a big BBQ with our Good Neighbors on Thursday.  They donated $2,000 for us to throw a party and welcome newcomers/farewell people in our headquarters.  I also spent days writing a script for a history video.  Finally, launched the first peninsula wide AF newspaper on Friday.  Lots to do around here…all while being in suspense by the Air Force Personnel Center. 

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