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July 31, 2010

Random notes

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I saved $550 in insurance payments.  I realized that I had paid $600 a year on my car in the states.  The car was driven about 4 weeks last year by my parents.  I did increase my liability insurance on the car I am driving in Korea.

I still do not know the promotion results.  It has been delayed to early to mid-August.  Thankfully, work has been insanely busy lately.  The board met in March and now we are in August…sigh.

I am now a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I really need to practice self defense–that is my weakest area.  I think because I need a partner to practice with.  We only spend about 10 min learning new self-defense moves.

Still on track with my savings goals.  Aug 2 of 2009 I had a savings of $74,465:

Roth: $35,678

TSP: $37,620

I-bonds: $1,167

I increased my savings by $50,000 in one year–it does not include the extra payments on the rental.


GI Jane


July 11, 2010


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“The fewer our wants, the nearer we resemble the gods.”  Socrates

July 8, 2010

Networth update

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Savings: $10,707

House down-payment: $8303

Roth: $43,943

TSP: $54,631

Checking: $3199

Grand total: $120,784

Paid $540 to replace the water heater in my rental.  Paid $1048 extra on the rental mortgage.  The principal balance is $106,144.  My friend still owes me $300 for our Seoul trip.  The end of year total for my house down- payment fund $12,629.47.  If I continue the same savings program, I will have saved $59,903 for a house by 2016 (did not count dividends/interest).  After researching for my dream San Antonio house online, I need to increase the amount.  I will top off my emergency savings at $10,000.  I will then pour the $500 in the house down-payment fund.  The houses that caught my eye were in the $250,000 to $300,000 range.  The property taxes were a b!tch, though.  I want to pay for at least 50-70% down on my next house without counting on the proceeds from my rental.  In 2016-7 , my rental should be worth $200,000.  It seems so far away.  I can’t wait to check out my blog archive then and see if I over or underestimated my plans.


GI Jane

July 5, 2010

Dreaming about furniture

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Yeah, I am now a blue belt.  My instructor said that I have improved.  I feel that I have more stamina and my forms look much better than before. He plans on teaching me form 4 on Wednesday.  I really need to master the self-defense techniques and do better kicks.  It has been a relaxing day: Tae Kwon Do class, lunch and sauna.  I have to return to work on Wednesday. *sigh*

Nothing exciting on the financial front. I have been drooling over this beautifully craved sleigh bed with matching marble-top dressers. I am sleeping on a bed that I have owned since 1997.  My other bed is in storage.  I bought that one in Turkey and had it made from scratch circa 2000.  I have other solid wood furniture…haberdasher dresser, two armoires and a marble baker’s rack.  I was also eyeing a gorgeous bar with marble inlays and carvings.  The three-piece furniture set and bar cost about $4,400 without negotiation.  I have spent a lot this year and especially Dec 09.  Therefore, I will wait to see what surplus I have early next year.   I may have to travel to Chicago for the christening of my god child.  Need to look into the AMEX gold card for the points.  I hate flying coach for 12-14 hours!

Happy belated 4th of July!

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