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August 14, 2010

A dream deferred…warning rant ahead

The Air Force Personnel Center is playing games with my future!  The Lt Col board results have been delayed until late Aug.  The results were supposed to be released in June.  I heard a rumor that AFPC is concerned about announcing the Selective Early Retirement Board and promotion results in the same week.  Funny, every other rank gets to find out their results…the Staff Sgt. list was just published.  Hey, if retirement eligible Lt Cols have not planned on transitioning out of the Air Force, tough cookies.  I have been planning as of now and being kept in limbo after my board met 5 months ago!  I may not know until freaking Oct at this rate.  Thankfully, Air Force Times did an article on the delay.  It does not offer any explanation, but at least I am comforted in the fact that other people are frustrated as well (rightfully so).

Other news, getting ready for another operational readiness exercise…feeling kind of apathetic.  It is nice meeting other augmentees who come in from all over the world to participate.  I am supposed to test for my red belt on Friday.  Do not know if I can make class and fulfill my exercise responsibilities at the same time?  I am looking forward to wearing the red belt–it is the last one before black! 


GI Jane


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