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October 11, 2010

The importance of planning ahead

My boss was told that he had to leave the Air Force by the end of this month.  He had joked about the possibility all year since the AF planned on conducting a Selective Early Retirement Board.  Nevertheless, it appeared to be soul-crushing news.  I think he is a 4-year O-6.  His retirement should be about 75% of his base pay: $7535.  I have no idea why he was so devastated.  I had to console a guy who will be making $90,423 a year, passively!  I told him he needs to beef up my performance report before he leaves.  The only thing I felt sorry about was that he had to leave so suddenly.  The AF should at least let him finish his tour.  Now, the big boss has to pull someone out-of-hide for about nine months.  I think he is putting his son through college.  He didn’t share anything personal with me.  He is more of a distant boss than I have ever had in recent years.

I had one boss who probably was a millionaire when he retired.  He had a 1975 BMW that he would actually cover it every morning like it was a new model Porsche.  He always dressed sensibly but stylishly.  I loved his silver hair…reminded me of Sean Connery.  He also wrote very well.  A runner.  I completely admired him…the very best boss I have ever had.

I do not know what the AF has in store for me in the next five years.  Hopefully, I can finish without any soul-crushing news.  I would like to reach $200,000 in cash/retirement next year.  I feel somewhat behind the curve after paying off my student loans, unloading the second house from 2008 and expensive travel.  I have my sights on relocating to San Antonio/Austin in my mid-forties.  My girlfriend (my godson’s mother) also wants to relocate to Austin.  Her husband is looking for a job at Microsoft.  Thankfully, when she and my other girlfriend visited me in 1999 when I lived in San Antonio, I showed them an awesome time. We went to the warehouse district and the strip.  Had martinis at some cool joints, hit the piano, salsa and karaoke bars.  It was such a good time!  Love Austin.

 We gotta get ready for Tae Kwon Do.


GI Jane


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