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October 12, 2010

Lap of luxury

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I have driven hoopties for the past three years.  When I rented a Toyota Camry in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, driving it felt like living in the lap of luxury.  The great advantage of driving a hooptie is not having a car payment.  Plus, the Toyota and Kia were pretty reliable…meaning very minimal repairs.  I think I paid about $200 in repairs since 2007.  The only scary thing about my Kia are the brakes.  During the worst winter in 10 years, I nearly collided with a car when it couldn’t stop at a four-way intersection. I definitely need to get it checked out next month.  Since it is very hilly here, having good brakes is a difference between life or death.  Apart from that, my hooptie really keeps me grounded.

To my surprise, my girlfriend’s husband bought her a ToyotaVenza this year.  The car is freakishly keyless! Before that car, she had a Montero that she refused to drive.  I guess it was a big gas guzzler.  She loves the Venza.  It was nice to live vicariously through her for the four days I stayed there.  I do not envy the car payments. This morning, I wistfully yearned for my 99 VW Cabrio that is in the states.  Every time I got it detailed, I would fall in love with it all over again.  People wanted to buy the car when they would see it on the road.  VW discontinued the model.  I have been drooling over a mini-cooper for years.  Not sure if I want another tiny car…but really love the cool stripes.

I have $3974.88 in my car fund.  A new car is not in the immediate future…and I am fine with that.

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