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October 25, 2010

Myfico revisited

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Just for giggles, I checked my Experian fico score.  It is now 790, a slight improvement.  Last year, it was 775…see post plastic surgery.

What’s hurting your FICO® score

The negative factors listed here are reasons why your FICO® score is not higher. You should focus on changing the behavior that caused these negative factors. These factors are listed in order of their impact to your score, the first has the greatest negative impact and the last has the least.

Please note that a negative factor can be provided even if you are better than the national average of FICO® high achievers on that factor. In all likelihood, this means that your FICO® score is already quite high. The fact that you are still receiving a negative factor means that there is still some room to work on that factor.

  1. You have too many credit cards carrying balances.

    Your FICO score was hurt because you are carrying balances on too many credit cards  at once.

    What to do about this: You should consider paying down the balances on your credit cards and keep the balances low. However, consolidating or moving your debt from one account to another will usually not help your FICO score since the same total amount is owed.

    Bullcrap!  According to my snapshot in time, I owed $1024 on Amex with about $50k in credit lines.  The current balance is $191.00.  Kind of annoyed that I am not in the 800 range.  I am not buying another house in the immediate future, so it doesn’t matter.  I just wanted to see if anyone is fraudently using my name.        

GI Jane



  1. But you don’t need a credit score to see your report right? OR is this a 2-in-1?

    I find them to be flaky too. I haven’t had debt in a long while now, and the last time I checked it was saying I had too much on my cards.

    I never carry a balance, so it must have checked when I bought my plane tickets and then didn’t check to see if it cleared.

    Comment by FB @ — October 25, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

    • You can see your report for free at websites like You have to pay to see a score from companies like Myfico is the company that a lot of banking institutions use and what Suze Orman hawks. At myfico you can see Experian and Transunion ratings. But I have not been able to see Transunion for the past two years; not sure if it is just me or other people experience the same error.

      It’s a racket, but I like seeing a score for some reason. I agree with Ramsey when he says it does not mean you are winning with money. It is a “I love debt score,” according to Ramsey.

      Comment by gijanefinances — October 26, 2010 @ 8:54 am

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