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October 31, 2010

Change is good

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I took my Air Force Physical Training Test on Friday.  The AF changed the scoring system by implementing minimums for each component: sit-ups, push-ups and 1.5 mile run.  Also, if the score between 90-100, you only test once a year instead of twice.  My dream is the max the test like I used to when I was a cadet.  I took Tae Kwon Do thinking it will help increase my score by 10 points. Although, Tae Kwon Do is hard aerobically, it took away from my actual running practice.

 I realized the morning of under the new scoring system, I would need to do 46 push-ups (my weakest area) to max.  I did 26 push-ups in April, so I lol at even maxing that out.  However, 26 push-ups is even a great improvement from the 14 push-ups I used to do for the past 4-6 years.  The  minimums at my age group for women are: 14 push-ups, 29 sit-ups, 35.5 inches for waist and 16:57 for the 1.5 mile run.  If you fail any component, you fail the test.

I had the worst run in a long time because I got a cold the morning of.  I couldn’t even breathe or talk afterwards.  You have to do the sit-ups and push-ups for one-minute each.  Anyway, I maxed the sit-ups at 47; did 26 push-ups; had a 29 inch waist; and 14:00, 1.5 mile run.  The good news is that I scored 91.3 points!  Under the old system I would have gotten about 87 points.  I finally reached the “Excellent” range!!!  I haven’t done that since the AF went to this physical testing system in 2003.  Change can be good, apparently.

I would still like to max the test.  I need to focus on my running after I test for black belt next month.  I should have practiced on the track that we tested on and done sprints or fartleks.

Now, I am sick again…but relieved about my PT test.

GI Jane


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