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November 2, 2010

Bizarre encounter

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I have been approached to join a cult!  Proselytizing in the military is not allowed.  I actually do not mind if my big boss starts a meeting with a prayer.  Several months ago I was excited about my new amplified bible and discussed a couple of passages with a subordinate.  I think I was up on the edge of propriety doing that.  When I get excited about something I read, I talk about it in general. 

This O-5 earlier this year invited me to a church concert in Seoul.  I ended up not going because it was during the day and work got in the way.  Then last week he invited me to his church.  Inviting people to church is a regular practice.  I have invited people to my church in the past.  I am actually considering changing churches.  I have gotten tired of the chaplain preaching the same thing over and over again.   I do love the band and choir, though.  I haven’t made up my mind leaving yet, but wanted to check out the Traditional service anyway. 

So back to the O-5.  I politely listen to him about his religion and said I wanted to research his church.  Especially, when he started talking about how traditional churches are doing the works of Satan.  According to him, Easter and Christmas are pagan holidays.  Then he invites me to worship with him on Saturday. 

 I asked “why Saturday?”

 “Saturday is the proper Sabbath.  It is in the bible…. we strictly practice the scriptures.  If you come to one service, your eyes will open up to the prophesies and God our Mother,” he said. 

 I told him I still need to look it up.  So, three days later he tells me that there are a lot of negative things on the internet about his church.  He drops off a 6-page article from a Korean newspaper.  The journalist clearly is a follower.  But, even reading the “positive” article raised a lot of red flags.  Last night, I watched a video that depicted the followers–and they were in a spaced out haze.  I am so alarmed that he is on our staff and trying recruit people in this cult.  The church has 1.1 million members.  And yes, it is defined as a cult by some watch groups.

A couple of years ago, I obsessively read about the People’s Temple and Jim Jones.  As a history major, I like to read everything about a historical subject that interests me.  The largest suicide in history definitely intrigued me…ironically the anniversary is coming up on Nov. 18th.  The People’s Temple started out good–integration, charity for the poor and elderly, etc…However, when the leader proclaims himself as G-d and families are destroyed, the damage done can result in casualties.  The abovementioned mentioned cult is getting ready for the end of the world in 2012.   A lot of cult experts say cult followers are not necessarily robots, they can be lawyers, doctors, etc…This O-5 looks very normal, you would have no idea he belongs to a cult until he starts talking about it.  I have been here a year and a couple of months working right down the hall from him.  His family did seem weird, especially his daughter. I did get a bad vibe from him, but did not really pay attention to it until now.

Well, I politely declined his invitation for lunch and worship service.  I want nothing to do with this church, but will pray for them.

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  1. One man’s church is just another man’s cult.

    I would be careful labeling religions as “cults.” Early Christians were persecuted as a personality worshipping sect of Jews. Just as the predecessors of todays mainstream protestants were persecuted as a “cult” during the reformation.

    Drinking blood, eating the dead, and kneeling before an emaciated corpse sound pretty grim to me, but to a billion odd Catholics its called Sunday Mass.


    Comment by Robert — November 3, 2010 @ 4:19 am

    • You are right a lot of religions go through persecution or look bizarre to others. When a religion is on a cult watch list and say the world is going to end in 2012, I think it as a cult. Especially, when they worship a living person as their God. I do not know if this religion will be as respected as the LDS today. However, traditional Mormons had to shed the polygomy, racial discrimination, etc…for it to be as accepted today.

      Comment by gijanefinances — November 3, 2010 @ 6:48 am

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