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December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

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I had a low-key Christmas this year.  My friend had a nice party for all of the unaccompanied folks.  She inspired me to cook prime rib with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Very yummy.  She also made a really nice tiramisu.  I liked how she accessorized her apartment.  I have always been reluctant to nail pictures and sconces on a rental, since it is not my house.  I did put up curtains because I like to sleep in pitch darkness.  She invited her “stalker” who showed up several hours late.  I felt bad for the guy…her co-workers were murmuring that nickname when he walked in.  She had been complaining that he is interested in being her boyfriend.  She just went through a bad divorce, so she is not in the mood of entertaining a “relationship.” He seemed nice though.  Who knows, she may end up marrying the guy.

My favorite money message board is shutting down in January.  The msn money board has really helped me in the past.  When I was selling my house, they told me to stop paying off my student loans and pile up cash for closing.  That advice was so spot on!  One poster is even arranging a farewell party in California.  I am kind of sad because I have been on and off that board for about 6 years!  That board has helped so many people…I do not know where to go now?

Have a blessed holiday!

GI Jane


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