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December 26, 2010

New Year’s resolutions AKA goals

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Hey y’all.  Inspired by fabulously, it is time to list my financial goals for 2011.  It will be a little challenging since I will move this summer.  Also, with a move in the military, it causes your pay to fluctuate up or down.  Let’s hope that it is up!  Oh, it looks like we will get a piddly 1.4% raise.  Never thought I would see the day that we would get 1.4%.  I guess that would allow me to lower my percentage for the TSP from 19% to 18%.  Anyway, here it goes:

  • Save $9,600 for my house down payment fund.  An interesting side effect: It has been fun day dreaming where I will settle down.  One day it is San Antonio, another it is Miami!
  • Save $3,600 for a new car.  Really have not been day dreaming about cars.  Occasionally, I yearn for a BMW or a mini-cooper.  But for the most part I see it as a mode of transportation to get me from point A to point B.
  • Save $5,000 to max out my Roth.
  • Save $16,500 in my TSP.  This year is the first year that I have maxed it out.
  • Pre-pay my rental mortgage monthly for a total of $12,576.  This is also the first year that I pre-paid my mortgage.  I wanted to skip a month or two, but didn’t.  The one thing about my personality is that when I commit to do something, especially on auto-withdrawal, I hate to tinker with it.  I am rigid that way.  Look forward to when the balance is zero!
  • Save $200 a month for vacation.  I overspent this account by $1,000.  I was determined to fly first-class round trip to Chicago.  Since my credit card didn’t have a lot of points to start with, I had to spend more for the upgrade.  I now have the requisite points for an upgrade.  We will see how I will do in 2011.
  • Save $6,000 in an emergency fund.  I would like to see at least $20,000 in this account eventually.  Once I reach that, I will reallocate the $500 to the house down payment fund.

There you have it…I pray 2011 will be as or more prosperous than 2010.

Happy Holidays!

GI Jane


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