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January 27, 2011


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This week my AF leadership is deliberating on where I and other summer movers are going to be placed.  I am praying that I will get my first choice, which is of course, Europe.    Next Tues, I will also find out if my Korean employee will win at the next level.  And mid-Feb, I will find out if I won at the AF level.   February is turning out to be a heady time.  Last Feb, my Korean employee won at two levels.  It was a real big to-do.  He received a framed certificate/lithograph, a beautiful medallion with his name etched in it and a replica of the Korean reunification bell.  Which is why if this one wins, even  if he reaches the next level leading up to the banquet, he gets a whole lot the day of the banquet.  The winner gets this monster eagle statue.  But alas, he already decided to forego the festivities and go to San Francisco if he wins on Tuesday.  San Francisco will always be there.  The kids are too young to remember California anyway.

I decided to go on leave  2-5 Feb following the luncheon.  I just want to hang out and relax.  I was in such a funk before the award announcement.  I have never won at this level.  I thought it was near impossible.  At my last assignment, I could not compete in anything.  My deputy tried to put me in for something and realized there was not an awards board for Majors.  I could have competed in a different forum, but I did not think  all of the things I worked on cumulatively made me competitive in one year.  I would do a big event one year and the next the following year.  In 2010, several big events/projects all fell in one year.  I am so happy!  Can’t wait to get my plague, baby!

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January 25, 2011

Great Expectations

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In my quest to be more social, I decided to go to a Valentine’s Day ball in Seoul on the 12th.  There were a couple of ladies who mentioned it at the membership dinner last Friday.  They told me that the fraternities really put together a fun time.  I had turned down a business trip to Hawaii 8-11 Feb. So, I went ahead and reserved a room at the hotel and will make a weekend of it.  I also have a surprise party this Saturday, that should be fun.

However, on a totally different note, this msn story is a big downer: 5 Machines Mechanics Hate,  5 Cars that Mechanics Love. I have been dreaming about buying a mini-cooper for the past 4 years.  Here is an excerpt:

Consumer Reports dependability rating: 100 percent below average

The MINI Cooper drop-top was scored in both naturally aspirated trim and with the turbocharged Cooper S engine. Respondents called out body flex, wind noise, rattles and paint and trim tribulations as their major boggles with both MINIs. In the Cooper S, the fuel system and cooling were also issues. Otto recalls rebuilding two Cooper S engines in the same week: “They were driven through puddles, and somehow water was sucked through the supercharger, destroying the engine. Something is wrong with the design and build.”

I have saved about $5,000 for a new car so far.  I may have to go with a Toyota or Honda.  I actually love Toyota…but it is less sexy looking.  It is always good to do your research and not get swept away by the new car smell.

GI Jane

January 24, 2011

Awesome beginnings

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Woohoo!!! I just got selected for a big award in my career field!  2011 already rocks!

That is all.

GI Jane

January 21, 2011

Sex and powerlessness

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I love this article: The sexual cost of female success. I think a lot of women will have a problem accepting this article, but I believe it to be true.  Sex is given to freely to men by women these days in this “hook-up culture.”

I really like this:

Now, let’s say sex was the highest possible cost. You’d see women never having sex with anyone until a man commits to marry her — that’s the most expensive thing you can charge. But that’s just not the way the world is today, and that’s not the way the world ever was — the price of sex has never been that high, but it was certainly higher than it is today. All he has to do is maybe buy her dinner and text her.

I’ve known guys who truly expect sex if they buy you dinner…very true.  It is scary how women think that easy sex is a road to commitment.  Unfortunately, unless she tries to trap him by becoming pregnant, he will only want status quo.  Of course, some “hook-ups” can lead to marriage.  Maybe the stars aligned…I do not know.   I do find the guys who only want sex and not a relationship are easily weeded out if you are celibate or abstain.

Very interesting read.

GI Jane

Onward and Upward

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It’s award season!  The one package I submitted on my Korean National employee won at the staff  and it is moving to the next level.  As stoked as I am, he needs to go on leave during the awards banquet.  We do not know if he will win yet, but if he does, the banquet is a really big deal.  Of course, that provoked one of my pet peeves about leave requests.  I had asked the guys in my office about projecting their leave every single month.  They would constantly ask one or two days before and I hate that!  So, now there is a great potential that he will be honored and now his family is awaiting his visit to them in the states.  And I am painfully shy (many people do not believe this about me), so I would have to accept his accolades in his stead if he even reaches the next level.  On top of  me writing the damn thing, he will not even be there to revel in his awesomeness.

He was like, “you are rich, you can travel whenever you want.  I may  not be able to travel to the states for another 10 years.”

Me: “It took 10 years for you to save for this trip?”

Him: “No.”

Me: “Well if you did not go to Malaysia and Thailand, you can save for a trip to the states.  This annual award may not come around again.  When you designed this trip, why did you not take advantage of Dec to early Jan?  You are already taking the last week of Jan off, then three weeks in Feb.  That is practically a sabbatical!  Three weeks in Feb, if I had been told about this in Nov-Dec, would have been very hard for me to endorse.  Without your job, you would not have money to travel.  I do not know of too many jobs (apart from teaching) where 4 weeks off all at once would fly.”

Needless to say, I am very annoyed.  Anyway, my brother was promoted and received a $4,000 bonus on top of his $300 a month raise.  I am so happy for him.  He also is planning on contributing 15% to his 401K with a 100% match.  He only has about $5,000 in debt.  So, he will put $1200 in his 401K, keep $600 for himself and the rest on his debt.

Love it when good things happen for people in my life.

GI Jane

January 13, 2011

My vision board is working!

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Kind of!  I just got an email from a very good friend who used to work for me in the late nineties at my first job.  We had such an excellent working relationship.  He was very sharp and a great mentor.  He was trying to retire from the AF as a Master Sgt. when I first got there.  At the time, in that particular career field, we were like the red-headed stepchildren of the AF.  He definitely was not being recognized on how well he did his job.  I wanted him to compete for the Senior Non-Commission Officer award, but did not know how to write a competitive package.  He did write it and I convinced my boss to put him in.  He won at the flight, squadron, group and wing level against all the career fields.  I was so happy for him…wished I wrote the package.  We used to go to lunch at least three times a week.  Well, after he won, the squadron commander moved him to the commandant’s position at the Airman Leadership School.  I was so proud, but sad that my friend could not have lunch like we used to.  He retired three years later as a Senior Master Sgt.

Now, he is moving to a high-level position in Texas and practically offered me job as his deputy (GS-14).  The job is higher than my current position here.  It was so very tempting–but I am trying to go to Europe.  I think my sister would be an excellent fit.  However, I do not think she would leave Chicago even though the pay is 40% more than she is making.  I told him he better look me up in 2016!

GI Jane

January 12, 2011

Raves and legends

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I have been slacking off on working out lately.  Nevertheless,  I love how toned my stomach looks from Tae Kwon Do.  Over the weekend I discovered my favorite TV show next to Mad Men is Merlin seasons 1,2 and 3.  The producer took a big risk with cast Guinevere as a black woman (or bi-racial).  I was not sure if she was black or Indian–but looking at her last name it appears she may be bi-racial (white/black).  Also, Merlin is a young man instead of an elderly wizard.  It is like a prequel to the classic King Arthur myths and legends…and I love it!  I cannot wait  until season 4.  It is an antidote to the trash reality tv that I have been watching regularly.

I love my Clarisonic skincare brush!  I look nearly 10 years younger.  Believe the hype about this brush.  I would send one to my sister if it did not cost $195.  The brush pays for itself–no more facials and I may never need a peel again.  I cannot believe how big my pores were until the brush dug deep and cleaned them up.  When you are cleaning your face, it seems like it isn’t doing anything.  However, after rinsing your face and seeing the residue, the results are nearly instantaneous.  I am a true believer. 

Not necessarily a rave, but discovered something really interesting about my family’s past in Jamaica.  About two weeks ago, I ran into someone who shared my last name in a meeting.  He actually did a double-take, since I am black and he is white.  He then was like we must be related…of course I laughed knowing that my roots are in Jamaica.  I was talking to my dad and told him that he seemed kind of annoyed that I didn’t take him seriously.  My dad said that my mother was really happy with his name when she married him.  Even though I had always liked the family name since it is unique and has an interesting story of my grandfather,  I never paid attention to my grandmother’s side.  It turns out that her name is tied to a very prominent plantation holder in Jamaica (not necessarily cause to jump for joy).  Jamaica is like Louisiana in that there are a lot of creoles who actually had land given to them.  We have around 18 acres or more of that land in Jamaica to this day.  My dad would occasionally refer to it in the past, especially since we use to make a pilgrimage there when I was little.  My favorite aunt who is the oldest and the only one out of six brothers was raised by my grandparents.   It is apparent to me that she had a wealthier upbringing compared to my uncles/dad.  I also have cousins who are very light-skinned…nearly white.  I also found out that the name is related to a very famous English poetess.   Like my father said, “Jamaica has a very complicated history.”  I would love to do a documentary a la “Roots.”  I had a great uncle who emigrated to Cuba , my grandfather worked on the Panama canal and etc… I was very impressed to see one of my cousins do a family newsletter.  One day, I would like to do research and document my findings whether through film or writing.

GI Jane

January 4, 2011

Total Makeover

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I’ve created my vision board and doing daily workshops. I am ramping up my skin care regimen: 

 I bought a $200 Clarisonic cleansing system.  Can’t wait to use it.  I cashed in $100 worth of cash rewards. 

$85 in hair removal…the company will not ship to an APO address…frustrating.

And finally $341 for the Dermesse system.  I used it in 2006 to very positive results.  It is so necessary right now.

January networth

Retirement: $129,866

Cash: $28,079

Total: $157,945

Goal for 2011 is to reach $200,000.  In June, I will be five years out from retirement.  My car in the states is 12 years old!  It has not been driven in the past 4 years and stored for 1 1/2 years, so there is still a lot of life left.  I just can’t wait to knock out the rental mortgage.  The rental is worth about $170,000 as of 2011.

GI Jane

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